The Best ClickUp Integrations to Turbo-Boost Your Customer Service Capabilities

Jane Callahan

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To those who work outside of customer support, the concept seems pretty cut-and-dry: support receives email ticket, support finds answer, support solves the problem for the customer.

If only.

No matter how big or small a business is, customer service professionals know that catching, navigating, and closing issues has layers within layers--and requires top-notch organizational and communication skills. Since we’re all human, it’s a lot easier to do that with the right digital tools. And one of our all-around favorites? ClickUp.

Why ClickUp?

SupportBee made it possible to integrate with the ClickUp app years ago because its capabilities were so complimentary to ours. ClickUp captures all of those “layers” of customer service in one place--chats, to-do lists, documents, spreadsheets, and more--so that nothing slips through the cracks. It’s a must for co-located customer service teams because it allows each user to personalize their own workflows within a collaborative workflow. By integrating with SupportBee, users can turn email support tickets into tasks on ClickUp.

ClickUp is constantly introducing new integrations, making it more likely that the app can “talk to”--and enhance--other tools you might be using, like Slack (which SupportBee also integrates with) and Vimeo. Since there are so many options, we cherry-picked the ones we felt were most immediately useful to customer service professionals, regardless of the industry.

The Winners Are…


Everhour is a go-to app for tracking labor and translating it into financials--and when customer support yields a significant stream of revenue (like it does for this SupportBee customer), that’s really important to get right. Integrating with Everhour is also useful if your business contracts with customer service agents, or manages many different accounts. The reporting feature can help businesses improve their workflows--it will capture data that breaks down which issues demand the most time via its “subtasks” feature...all while being your payroll accountant!


Designers would do well to embed Figma with ClickUp, if for nothing else but the beautifully animated prototypes. Figma is essential for teams that thrive on collaborative feedback, and who work on multimedia design informed by customer support knowledge. Integrating Figma sends users a notification when a team member has shared content items drawn from one of their multiple “trusted” platforms--and can view it within their ClickUp platform.


Gitlab is a go-to resource for DevOps teams, as their duties often overlap with customer support requests. Developers use it across project lifecycles to loosen up bottlenecks, maintain security, and condense the many plugins in their DevOps toolchain. Great for more technical customer service requests, teams should integrate their ClickUp with Gitlab to pull multiple action items into their activity feed--pull requests, diff’s, commits, and merges.

Google Assistant

We are in a voice technology world, and it can be just as useful for customer service professionals when integrated with ClickUp. Sure, there’s “Google, schedule a 3 p.m. follow-up call with customer,” but it can be a more holistic organizational tool when fed into your project management work in ClickUp. Just say “OK Google, open ClickUp,” to feed reminders and new tasks directly to it--even if you’re on the free plan. This is a handy tool for customer service agents who are on the go, like service technicians.


Intercom is a conversation platform that acts as a multi-function liaison between businesses and their customers. You can view profiles to reduce the back-and-forth of repeated context gathering, enables real-time messaging to respond to support requests instantly, and lets users tag and loop in other support agents as needed. Integrating ClickUp with Intercom “takes team productivity to the next level” for businesses that see a high volume of ongoing requests. ClickUp users can see task statuses and link to Intercom conversations for additional information in those ClickUp tasks (either existing or newly created).


SupportBee heard our customers when they asked for Basecamp Classic and Basecamp 3 integration, and we gave it to them--but turns out, it’s also a smart integration with ClickUp. It’s a good choice for customer support teams that have overlapping touchpoints with other teams (IT, marketing, etc.). Create a space for Basecamp projects within your ClickUp to import to-dos and users. Fair notice: Basecamp does have a cap on how much you can import, and it can take a while based on how much data you’re pulling in from Basecamp.  (Psst! Basecamp fans! Check out our blog on the best Basecamp integrations.)

If you’re a SupportBee and ClickUp user, let us know your favorite integrations! Contact us at [email protected].

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