Email Ticketing System For Collaborative Teams

SupportBee is designed to get everyone in your company involved in customer support.

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Used by some of the best in the industry

It is no coincidence that some of the world’s best brands have chosen SupportBee to supercharge their customer support.

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SupportBee does a very good job of what it is supposed to do. It offers a shared inbox which one cannot have in Gmail. It is simple, easy to use, and pretty much does everything you would ever need.
David Hehenberger FatCatApps

Simple shared inbox that works just like email

SupportBee's shared inbox works just like email. We stay invisible to your customers and all they see is a friendly email. It is incredibly easy to ‘wow’ your customers with awesome personal touch using SupportBee.

Affordably, get everyone involved in ticketing

SupportBee offers a unique pricing model that helps you involve more users at low costs, and delivering great support is all about effective collaboration and team participation to resolve customer issues.


A collaborative email ticketing system

SupportBee has the right set of features to enable collaboration across teams and software tools. Features like private comments, teams, and assignments, along with app integrations make communication effective and enjoyable.

SupportBee Integrates with all your favorite apps

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