Ticketing system for collaborative customer support

SupportBee’s support ticket system enables teams to organize, prioritize and collaborate on customer support emails.

Collaborative Ticketing System by SupportBee

A complete ticketing system

SupportBee offers everything you need to scale up your customer support effortlessly.

Shared Inbox by SupportBee

Shared Inbox

SupportBee’s shared inbox works just like email. We stay invisible to your customers, retaining the personal touch of email. However, unlike a traditional email inbox, we offer your team a frictionless way to collaborate by assigning tickets to teams and agents. Everyone knows exactly what they are responsible for and nothing slips through the cracks.

Shared Inbox
Knowledge Base Software by SupportBee

Knowledge Base

Our integrated knowledge base software empowers your customers to help themselves. Your customers can find answers to their questions without having to write to customer support. KBee also integrates tightly with our Shared Inbox, which enables your team to easily insert links to relevant customer support articles when replying to your customers.

Knowledge Base Software
Customer Portal by SupportBee

Customer Portal

Our Customer portal software provides a web portal for your customers to send, manage and track the progress of their support requests. This offers the much sought for transparency and accountability often required by enterprise customers. Apart from seeing their tickets, customers can also see all the support tickets for their organization.

Customer Portal Software

Support ticket system designed for collaboration

Customer support is a team sport and SupportBee gets everyone involved

SupportBee is as simple as email

Email like Simplicity

Collaboration is an integral part of delivering great customer service. Customer support software can play a huge role in aiding it. If it is not designed for collaboration, conversations between teams and members end up happening outside the tool which defeats the purpose of having a tool in the first place.

Easy to set up and use

We designed SupportBee’s email ticketing software from the grounds up to be easy to setup and use. Most of our customers are up and running in minutes without any help from their IT department. Since our workflow is very similar to email, there is no learning curve and your team members won’t find themselves bogged down by the complexity of understanding a new system.

Setup multiple email addresses
Collaborate on the move

Work on the go!

SupportBee is designed for the modern collaborative workplace. Accessible over the desktop, mobile and within your existing email client, your team can choose how they want to participate in your customer support process.

Questions about SupportBee's ticketing system?

Find answers to the most common questions about our ticketing system. Contact us for any other questions.

What is ticketing system software?

A ticketing system software is a program or app that collects important customer support information in a single location. These platforms assist the activities of help desk staff and can also empower customers by providing direct access to services through customer portals and knowledge bases. Tickets are managed with a shared team inbox, which support team members can access through an individual portal with a unique login.

Customer requests can be tagged, modified, assigned a relevant status, and closed without the need to access multiple systems. A ticketing system software that is implemented effectively can have a positive impact on support team effectiveness by improving team organization and streamlining communications. Many modern systems are cloud-based and can be accessed from multiple devices while providing a reliable level of service. Ticketing system software has become one of the central components of highly competent help desk departments worldwide.

What is the use of a ticketing system?

The central function of a support desk ticketing system is the management of a shared team inbox to process customer communications such as requests, issues, and suggestions. Each company has a unique product or service offering and will often prefer to tailor their support desk activities to match the needs of their customers. Some of the essential day-to-day activities that must be managed include prioritizing requests, assigning work to support team members, resolving and closing requests, and sharing communications. Without an organized system for managing and responding to customer support requests, it’s far too easy for customer support inquiries to fall through the cracks, which is detrimental to customer satisfaction.

A ticketing system can also be used to store and manage the support desk history, best practices, and any supporting documentation. It is typically structured as a knowledge base that can be organized and segmented by groups such as product or customer segment. One reason that many companies pursue an upgrade to their existing ticketing systems is to create a more immersive and complete customer experience for their support activities. Since a modern ticketing system integrates multiple customer support features, they give management the ability to tailor the application to optimize their team’s effectiveness.

Which ticketing system is the best?

The best ticketing system is one that can support the core needs of an organization and its customers. Important features that are common to most of these software platforms include a cloud-based shared inbox, team messaging tools, and a knowledge base to provide customers with easy access to self-service options. Some ticketing platforms, such as SupportBee, also include support for customer portals, providing a central location for customers or clients to view their complete history of support requests and answers. Over time, customer portals become a valuable knowledge resource and help cut down on customer support requests, resulting in lower customer support costs and more satisfied customers. It is always important to consider how a system will impact customers before making any changes.

Best-in-class customer service is achieved not only by meeting customer needs but also by providing a unique and engaging customer experience. Some additional features that industry-leading ticketing systems provide include customized branding of your portals, flexible access through mobile or desktop applications, and communication tools for customers. You should also consider the customer support availability and the overall customer experience provided by a prospective ticketing software vendor. A well-designed and supported system will be built around the principles that they promote.

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