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Eric Seuret

Technology Consultant
Eric is an entrepreneur and a mobile technology consultant specialising in product management and sales. For him, success is about growing the company and delighting his customers with great solutions. Solving interesting problems keeps him motivated at work. He is extremely comfortable with technology and uses tools like Pivotal Tracker, SECURE.CHAT, Github, Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive for his everyday work.
Thomas is the CEO of Responsum who has run his business for close to 20 years. Happy customers and happy employees keep him motivated at his business. He likes SupportBee for the features offered, its simplicity and the ability to affordably include more people in support.

Thomas Løcke

Chief Executive Officer

Leandro Ardissone

Full Stack Developer
Leandro is a full stack developer, and primarily handles developing Web Services for his company. He loves SupportBee for the ease of use and the integrations. His biggest challenge is dealing with huge amounts of data. Learning new things and applying them to work keeps him motivated and get through challenges.
Marcos is a DevOps engineer at 3s mobile. On a good day he develops tools that will somebody's life easier or more efficient. On a bad day he fixes stuff. Apart from SupportBee, he uses PyCharm, ansible, linux, nagios, and docker. His main responsibility is in making sure things are working, and made available in whichever platform it is required.

Marcos Diez

DevOps Engineer
3s Mobile

Tom Borish

Chief Executive Officer
Tom's biggest challenge is to make sure that all his customers are happy and they are retained. On a typical day, he manages and produces websites for his clients, direct his employees, and manages the company. Apart from SupportBee he uses tools like BambooHR and Basecamp.
William's main responsibility is to run the company successfully by helping people grow. His entire work day is about seeing clients and making them feel better. He likes SupportBee for the features offered and its competitive pricing.

William Rush

President & Counseller
Christian Heart Counselling

David Backman

Permit Puller
As the President of Permit Puller David's responsibilities are serving his customers and making money for the organization. He pays attention to every detail of his organization’s operations. It is the growing business that keeps him motivated at work. He likes SupportBee for its simplicity, generous limits and competitive pricing.
Jason has been in IT for close to 10 years now taking care of system administration, tech support and new IT projects. His typical work day involves a lot of meetings and emails. He likes solving interesting problems at work and he likes SupportBee for its ease of use.

Jason Maas

System Administrator

Matt Blake

Matt Blake is the CPO at Fansided and is responsible for driving revenue and traffic to the site. He likes SupportBee for the integration, features offered and last but not the least, the ease of use.
Matt is a web developer who fixes bugs and implements new projects for his company. His typical work day involves coding, emailing and handling calls. Apart from SupportBee he uses Slack, SublimeText and Sql Pro at his job. He is driven by working on new and exciting products.


Web Developer

Phill McManus

Technical Director
Phill directs the company from a technical point of view, manages technical staff, the helpdesk, product roadmap and business development. He is extremely comfortable with technology and like SupportBee for its ease of use and competitive pricing.
This is a voluntary position and Criag works from home. He defines success in terms of happy customers, and his is intention to serve keeps him motivated at work.


Help Desk Manager

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