Knowledge base software now offers private access and better email integration

After a month of being in private beta, we released the Knowledge Base Software this week to all customers. There were a lot of crucial feedback from the early users; thanks to all of you. We have implemented the two most requested features that came in during the beta:

  • Ability to access knowledge base privately as an internal resource
  • Ability to use knowledge base articles as snippets in replies

Private access for knowledge base software

Often times, companies have the need to build and maintain product documentation for internal reference. Since this content is not meant to be accessed by the end customers or the general public, having private access to this content is crucial. This feature is currently available in SupportBee. Any unpublished site is a private knowledge base available only for the users of your SupportBee account.


Integration with email ticketing

Integrating KB with email ticketing makes life a lot easier for support agents to access and provide information links to customers. Agents can access KB from the reply interface using the search field in the Snippets feature. Clicking on the search result will add the relevant link to your reply.

This feature can be enabled by visiting KB > Site Settings and checking the option ‘Include articles in snippets’


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Nithya Rajaram

Nithya Rajaram