50 Best Customer Service Blogs You Should be Reading

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Customer service is a vital component of every business. It can often mean the difference between long-lasting growth and failure. In today's fast-paced economy, customer service leaders must stay on top of the latest ideas, trends, and technology that are enabling industries across all sectors. Customer service will only become more competitive as customers demand more personalized attention, and barriers to switching between companies are narrowing in many areas. Creating a personalized, engaging, and positive customer experience is just as important as quickly resolving customer complaints.

Fortunately, there are plenty of free and insightful resources designed to provide valuable information to businesses big and small. To give you a leg up on your customer service game, we've gathered 50 of the best customer service blogs that you should be reading. Be sure to check out a few of our favorite posts listed for each blog. Please note, the following customer service blogs are listed below in alphabetical order; they are not ranked or rated in any way.

1. Bill Quiseng


A screenshot of Bill's blog

With over 30 years of experience in the luxury resort and club management, Bill Quiseng has a wealth of knowledge in customer service and customer experience. A recognized speaker and writer in the industry, Bill's blog is known for providing practical tips and inspiration for companies of all types to improve their customer service.

Three posts we like from Bill Quiseng:

2. Chip R. Bell


screenshot of Chip's Blog

Chip R. Bell is an active voice promoting customer loyalty and service innovation throughout the industry and is a frequent keynote speaker. Having written more than 700 columns and numerous books, Chip continues to share insights with a broad audience. On the blog, you can find regularly updated posts about innovative approaches to service.

Three posts we like from Chip R. Bell:

3. ClientSuccess


Screenshot of ClientSuccess's blog

The ClientSuccess customer success software platform helps organizations track important metrics regarding their customer service teams and find ways to grow their customer base.  Their blog has articles that explain how customer success leaders are impacting organizations and solving real business challenges.

Three posts we like from ClientSuccess:

4. Customer Bliss -- Jeanne Bliss


A screenshot of Customer Bliss blog

Jeanne Bliss is a foremost expert on customer-centric leadership and is the Founder and President of Customer Bliss. A vocal advocate of the Chief Customer Officer Role, Jeanne interviews industry experts on the Human Duct Tape Show podcast. You can find recent podcast interviews and articles about customer leadership and innovation on Jeanne's blog.

Three posts we like from CustomerBliss:

5. Customer Centric Support -- Nate Brown


A screenshot Customer Centric Support Blog

Customer Centric Support promotes customer service as a goal to create engaging, innovative, and personalized service transactions. Nate Brown has developed this site into a valuable resource on a variety of CX topics and is a frequent speaker at events and workshops. Nate's posts draw from real-life experiences in the industry.

Three posts we like from Customer Centric Support:

6. Customer Service Life


A screenshot of Customer Service Life Blog

The Customer Service Life blog breaks down all aspects of customer service and customer experience. You can find articles about lousy customer service, excellent customer service, motivation, and everything in between. The writers, Jenny Dempsey and Jeremy Watkins, bring their diverse career experience to their posts and maintain an active and engaging site.

Three posts we like from Customer Service Life:

7. Customers That Stick -- Adam Toporek


A screenshot of Customers That Stick Blog

Adam Toporek is a 3rd generation entrepreneur who brings a real-world background to the topic of customer experience. Adam is also the author of Be Your Customer's Hero. The blog is a mixture of customer service and experience insights, interviews with industry leaders, and book reviews that cover some of the leading ideas in customer experience today.

Three posts we like from Customers That Stick:

8. CustomerThink


A screenshot of CustomerThink Blog

CustomerThink has become a leading platform for business leaders who represent customer-centric enterprises. The website features a variety of articles, blogs, and interviews that highlight topics such as Customer Engagement, Leadership, and Customer Experience. You will also find recent news regarding technology and customer-centric business processes.

Three posts we like from CustomerThink:

9. CX Journey -- Annette Franz


A screenshot of CX Journey Blog

The blog of customer experience strategy consulting firm CX Journey Inc. has a lot to offer for readers interested in learning more about customer experience and service. The group is headed by Annette Franz, who is considered a top influencer in customer experience and remains an active voice in the community. Readers who visit the blog can read insights Annette shares from the team's customer strategy work.

Three posts we like from CX Journey:

10. Dennis Snow


A screenshot Dennis Show's Blog

Dennis Snow is a full-time speaker, trainer, consultant, and author of the book Unleashing Excellence: The Complete Guide to Ultimate Customer Service. On the blog, Dennis shares wisdom from 20 years with the Walt Disney World organization and subsequent consulting and training activities with multiple large companies.

Three posts we like from Dennis Snow:

11. Experience Investigators -- Jeannie Walters


A screenshot of Experience Investigators' Blog

Jeannie Walters is the CEO and Founder of Experience Investigators by 360Connext, a global Customer Experience consulting firm. Jeannie has been named one of the most influential leaders in the customer experience space and is a co-host of the popular Crack the Customer Code podcast. A very active writer on the blog, Jeannie also has frequent articles published in industry periodicals.

Three posts we like from Experience Investigators:

12. Fonolo


A screenshot of Fonolo's Blog

The blog of Canadian cloud-based call center software Fonolo is a great source for customer service news, resources, and best practices. Their article topics go far beyond call and contact center practices and frequently include the latest insights into industry trends. You can follow their latest posts on Twitter, Linked-In, and the RSS feed for their blog.

Three posts we like from Fonolo:

13. Forrester


A screenshot of Forrester's Blog

The American market research firm Forrester analyzes the impacts of technology on business processes across industries throughout the world. Their international locations give the company a broad perspective on customer experience, and there are many insightful and informative posts on their blog. Customer service is an active topic on the site giving insights into a variety of considerations.

Three posts we like from Forrester:

14. Google News -- Customer Service


A screenshot of @googlenews blog

Google News is always a great resource for finding posts from blogs and websites around the world. Searching for "customer service" will give you the latest headlines from the past few days and link you to the top sources that may be useful for further reading. Using Google News is another great way to browse a lot of information in a short amount of time.

Three posts we like from Google News -- Customer Service:

15. Heart of the Customer


A screenshot of @jimtincher's blog

Heart of the Customer is a journey mapping consultancy that provides toolkits, consulting services, and workshops to help businesses visualize their customer experience. The company was founded by Jim Tincher, who leads the organization, and their blog focuses on customer experience discussions, including case studies and the latest CX news from major companies.

Three posts we like from Heart of the Customer:

16. HoduSoft


A screenshot of @HoduSoft's blog

The blog of VoIP software provider HoduSoft is an excellent resource for the latest news in software development and call center operations. Their posts include detailed discussions about how software deployments can impact your call center and service team. Industries covered include healthcare, insurance, and transportation, giving a broad perspective on different environments.

Three posts we like from HoduSoft:

17. iPerceptions


A screenshot of @iPerceptions' blog

As a global leader in Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, iPerceptions provides software that helps companies understand their customer's intentions, needs, and expectations. They are experts in Voice of the Customer (VoC) activities, and their blog talks a lot about how to conduct customer feedback and research efforts effectively.

Three posts we like from iPerceptions:

18. Inside Customer Service


A screenshot of @toister's blog

The Inside Customer Service blog is maintained by employee performance company Toister Performance Solutions, Inc. The company's founder, Jeff Toister, is the author of the book The Service Culture Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Employees Obsessed with Service. A nationally recognized employee training expert, Jeff frequently posts on the blog to share insights and recent learnings.

Three posts we like from Inside Customer Service:

19. Institute of Customer Experience - Kenya


A screenshot of @ICXKenya's blog

The Institute of Customer Experience (ICX) in Kenya supports a membership of corporate and individual members who share and promote customer service best practices and a culture of service excellence. ICX Kenya also acts as a forum for networking and development opportunities across industry segments, and their blog contains regular updates and news regarding their latest activities.

Three posts we like from the Institute of Customer Experience:

20. Inside Intercom


A screenshot of @Intercom's blog

Intercom is a software company that provides a suite of customer messaging products for businesses. Their mission focuses on accelerating business growth through direct communication, and their blog, Inside Intercom, covers many important topics. In addition to company news, you will also find posts about marketing, customer support, product design, and engineering.

Three posts we like from Inside Intercom:

21. InTheChat


A screenshot of @InTheChat's Blog

In The Chat (ITC) is an enterprise digital customer service platform, and their blog has a lot of great content for those looking for more industry insights. The site focuses heavily on omnichannel customer service situations with monthly posts that cover important themes for both software deployments and customer experience best practices.

Three posts we like from InTheChat:

22. Jay Baer


A picture containing person, man, music

Jay Baer is a world-renowned speaker and founder of digital strategy consulting firm Convince & Convert. One of Jay's recent books, Hug Your Haters, presents a detailed vision of modern customer service and customer experience techniques. On the blog, Jay shares the latest favorite resources, tips, and strategies for having meaningful conversations with customers and enlisting their support to help grow your business.

Three posts we like from Jay Baer:

23. Kate Nasser


A screenshot of @katenasser's blog

Kate Nasser is known as The People Skills Coach and is the author of the book Leading Morale. Kate is a frequent contributor to industry journals on the topics of morale, employee engagement, teamwork, and customer experience. The subject of customer service is also an important topic on the blog, and Kate writes candidly with a focus on attitude and mindset as key ingredients for success.

Three posts we like from Kate Nasser:

24. Keep | Grow

A screenshot of Keep | Grow's Blog

This blog was created as a forum to highlight the roles and processes related to customer success. Updates are infrequent on the site compared to some customer service blogs. That said, it is still a useful resource to browse for ideas that can have a positive impact on your team and operations. It is also a good place to help clarify the major customer success roles that are appearing in many organizations.

Three posts we like from Keep | Grow:

25. Marsha Collier


A screenshot of @MarshaCollier's blog

Marsha Collier is an eBay expert and author of numerous books about social media and customer service, including The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide. In addition to the video, radio, and other media content on the website, Marsha's blog offers insights into customer service in the online business world. It's a helpful perspective for internet entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to understand.

Three posts we like from Marsha Collier:

26. Michael Redbord


A screenshot of a cell pho

Michael Redbord is the General Manager of Service Hub at HubSpot. Michael's blog on the company website is a valuable resource for customer service professionals. Years of experience working at Hubspot have given Michael a wide-ranging perspective on what it takes to build top-notch customer support teams and adopt a customer-centric approach to business.

Three posts we like from Michael Redbord:

27. Myra Golden


A screenshot of @MyraGolden's blog

Myra Golden conducts onsite and online training programs for customer service teams worldwide. Myra's approach to customer service is known for its focus on the soft elements of the experience, including sound, feel, and flow. Reading through the blog will give visitors a ton of ideas for enhancing communication skills and managing customer interactions effectively.

Three posts we like from Myra Golden:

28. Provide Support


![A screenshot of @provide_support's blog

Provide Support delivers live-chat and real-time visitor monitoring software to websites. Their goal is to empower customer service teams with capabilities that can increase sales. You will find many helpful customer service tips on their blog, particularly for call-center environments that offer direct web-based chat with customers.

Three posts we like from Provide Support:

29. Return Customer -- Joe Rawlinson


A screenshot of @joerawlinson's blog

Return Customer is one of the websites of customer service advocate, author, and entrepreneur Joe Rawlinson. The blog contains book reviews and tips for building strong customer service practices into your small business. Joe focuses on fellow entrepreneurs and online business owners, offering practical advice that anyone can consider and implement.

Three posts we like from Return Customer:

30. RingCentral


A screenshot of @RingCentral's blog

RingCentral is a complete, secure cloud phone system designed to scale from small businesses to large enterprises. Their team regularly shares posts on their blog with information on customer engagement and customer experience best practices. If you are interested in new approaches for integrating technology solutions into a customer service operation, you will be sure to find something useful here.

Three posts we like from RingCentral:

31. Salesforce


 screenshot of a social media post

The blog of industry-leading CRM platform Salesforce has a ton of content spread out over sections for sales, marketing, customer service, commerce, IT, and small business. There is also a category for customer service where you'll find the latest information about software innovations that are enabling a transformation of service practices in many industries. As an industry leader, Salesforce is a great resource to follow.

Three posts we like from Salesforce:

32. Service Quality Institute


A screenshot of @johntschohl's blog

The Service Quality Institute (SQI) has a mission of helping organizations improve staff performance by developing a culture of delivering superior customer service. The architect of the company is John Tschohl, who has been named the Guru of Customer Service by USA Today and Time Magazine. John and the SQI team regularly share their insights on the blog, covering key considerations for achieving world-class customer service.

Three posts we like from Service Quality Institute:

33. Shep Hyken


A screenshot of @Hyken's blog

Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert who is a frequent speaker and bestselling author. Shep shares posts, articles, and tips with his readers through the Customer Service Blog. The blog features a weekly roundup of Shep's five favorite customer service posts, where you can reference several timely expert insights in a single post.

Three posts we like from Shep Hyken:

34. Shaun Belding


A screenshot of @ShaunBelding's blog

Shaun Belding is a global expert on customer experience, customer service, and leadership who is the author of the book The Journey to Wow. In that latest book, Shaun discusses the journey an organization must take to achieve outstanding customer experience. Shaun is also a moderator of the Linked-In group Customer Service Champions, which has grown to over 108,000 members. The blog features highlights from the Customer Service Champions group discussion and other industry news and best practices.

Three posts we like from Shaun Belding:

35. Sixteen Ventures -- Lincoln Murphy


A screenshot of @lincolnmurphy's blog

Lincoln Murphy is a customer-centric growth consultant and a co-author of the book Customer Success. Lincoln focuses on optimizing the customer lifecycle, and the blog features sales acceleration, expansion, growth marketing, and customer engagement ideas. There are many informative articles to browse, and Murphy's popular newsletter is another great resource for customer service tips and ideas.

Three posts we like from Lincoln Murphy:

36. Specialty Answering Service


A screenshot of @specialtyanswer's blog

Specialty Answering Service (SAS) is a 24-hour professional call center created to support small businesses. In business since 1985, SAS continues to innovate its call center technology and practices to keep up with industry needs and the latest capabilities. Their blog is an excellent resource for customer service knowledge, and they often feature posts with case studies and how-to guides.

Three posts we like from Specialty Answering Service:

37. Steve Digioia


A screenshot of @stevedigioia's blog

Steve Digioia has spent over 20 years in the restaurant and hotel industry and has become a proven leader in customer service and customer experience training. Steve is also a frequent contributor to leading industry websites and magazines such as ICMI, Bizcatalyst 360, and CustomerThink.com. You'll find some insightful commentary on the blog where Steve shares knowledge and skills that are vital to excellent customer service.

Three posts we like from Steve Digioia:

38. SupportBee


A screenshot of @SupportBee's

SupportBee provides a support ticket system designed for collaborative customer support, including tools such as a shared inbox for customer support teams, knowledge base software, and customer portal software. As a leader in developing collaborative systems, we have a unique perspective on customer service workflows and specific use cases. Our blog is regularly updated with customer service tips, insights, and software innovations.

Three posts we like from SupportBee:

39. Support Driven


A screenshot of @supportdriven's blog

Support Driven is an online community of Customer Support advocates that has grown to over 5,500 members. The group shares tips and expertise through community activities, job postings, and featured events. Their members also share regular posts on the Support Drive blog with event updates and practical tips for customer-facing roles and operations.

Three posts we like from Support Driven:

40. SurveyGizmo


A screenshot of @SurveyGizmo's blog

SurveyGizmo has been supporting the survey needs of businesses since 2006. With such a deep history in market research and customer feedback, they take a leadership role in the use of technology to make informed business decisions. This experience extends to their blog, where you'll find tips and best practices that could have an impact on your customer service activities.

Three posts we like from SurveyGizmo:

41. SurveyMonkey


A picture containing electronics

With a large user base, SurveyMonkey continues to serve the needs of thousands of customers worldwide. Each day approximately 20 million questions are answered on their platform, and their suite of products is designed to help companies collect and understand data. On their blog, which they call Curiosity at Work, there are a ton of resources for conducting research, polling, and customer engagement.

Three posts we like from SurveyMonkey:

42. Take Their Breath Away -- John R. Patterson & Chip Bell


A screenshot of @johnrpatt's blog

John Patterson and Chip Bell are the authors of the book Take Their Breath Away. In the book, Patterson and Bell use real-world examples from customer-centric organizations to explain how to create unique customer experiences. The authors also co-host this blog by the same name, and their thoughtful posts are titled as questions that you should be considering. Their expertise lends itself to some great responses that are sure to provide some useful insights for your business.

Three posts we like from Take Their Breath Away:

43. The Center for Client Retention


A screenshot of @TCFCR's blog

The Center for Client Research (TCFCR) provides research, training, and consulting services to organizations looking to improve their customer experience and service. The Founder and President of the organization, Richard R. Shapiro, regularly posts new content on their blog. A leading voice in the industry with over 30 years of experience, Shapiro shares insights based on TCFCR client work and the material from two books on customer loyalty.

Three posts we like from The Center for Client Retention:

44. The Customer Service Blog -- Darren Bugg

A screenshot of Darren Bugg's blog

Based in the UK, The Customer Service Blog is written by Darren Bugg, a marketing and customer experience expert who specializes in customer loyalty and customer retention. Bugg draws from 25 years of experience working in the public and private sectors. Darren's posts have a highly personal feel and cover practical tips, advice, and news from the industry.

Three posts we like from The Customer Service Blog:

45. The Taylor Reach Group


A screenshot of @taylor_reach's blog

The Taylor Reach Group is a Canadian consulting firm that provides services for contact centers and call centers. They offer strategic assessments for call/contact centers and are also known for their customer experience evaluations. In addition to their other training and research offerings, they also post regularly on their blog. There is a strong focus on customer service and experience as it relates to call and contact center activities.

Three posts we like from The Taylor Reach Group:

46. Teresa Allen


A screenshot of @TeresaAllen's blog

Teresa Allen is the owner of Common Sense Solutions, a national customer service training and consulting firm. Teresa is also a professional speaker and author of two books, including Common Sense Service: Close Encounters on the Front Lines. There is not a lot of new content on the site, but the posts there are detailed and well structured. Teresa's attention to the front-line experience makes her posts unique and well worth a read.

Three posts we like from Teresa Allen:

47. ThinkGrowth


A screenshot of ThinkGrowth Blog

ThinkGrowth.org is a HubSpot publication that is hosted on Medium and features stories, insights, and ideas to enable business growth. Given the broad scope, you will find a variety of topics on the blog, including technology updates, industry news, productivity tips, and business guides. There are some great posts relevant to customer service that you can find with a simple search.

Three posts we like from ThinkGrowth:

48. Tomasz Tunguz


A screenshot of @ttunguz's blog

Tomasz Tunguz is a venture capitalist at Redpoint Ventures and the author of Winning with Data. The blog is a unique and visual look at data across many corporate functions, including marketing, management, and sales. There is also a strong focus on startups and the best practices and data analysis trends that can enable smaller companies to scale effectively. Some of the posts discuss customer success and are very relevant to customer service activities.

Three posts we like from Tomasz Tunguz:

49. Uplifting Service


A screenshot of @upyourservice's blog

Uplifting Service is a consulting company that uses its Proven Path for Unleashing Unbelievable customer experiences. The founder, Ron Kaufman, helped create this framework and has explained the concepts through 15 books, including the bestseller, Uplifting Service. Kaufman and the team post regularly on their blog, covering topics such as service culture, service education, and voice of the customer.

Three posts we like from Uplifting Service:

50. WinTheCustomer -- Flavio Martins


A screenshot of @flavmartins's blog

Flavio Martins is a senior customer support executive and author of the book Win the Customer. On the blog, Martin talks about customer service as a competitive advantage. Martin also shares data and knowledge to help individuals and teams improve their customer interactions. Along with his team, Martin frequently talks about customer loyalty, which is also a core focus on the blog.

Three posts we like from WinTheCustomer:

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