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Updates on SupportBee and thoughts from the team

January updates: Comparison charts for reports and Two-factor authentication

Thanks to Nisanth and Josue Montano, we start off 2017 with some major updates to Suppo...

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Wrapping up 2016 with some more features, enhancements, and optimizations

2016 was an eventful year for all of us at SupportBee. From launching a new design for the app, to overhauling the infrastructure, we had a satisfying year implementing updates, changes, and improvements to make the SupportBee experience much better for all of you. We want to wrap this year with an announcement about a few more feature updates t...

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Improvements to SupportBee's Insightly Integration

We recently made a few improvements to SupportBee's Insightly Integration, mainly to the feature where you can create Insightly Tasks directly from SupportBee.

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Towards a faster and more reliable SupportBee

Few months ago, we decided to massively overhaul our infrastructure...

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Introducing advanced search, wildcard searches and other improvements to SupportBee’s search

The recent changes introduced to SupportBee’s search functionality makes it much more powerful than before. Now, you ha...

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Launching the Audit Trail feature for support tickets

We recently launched the Audit Trail feature for support tickets. This feature helps in keeping all actions on a ticket accountable by documenting the action taken, time, and the name of the pers...

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