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SupportBee is a clean and email-like alternative to Zendesk

More than 80% of our surveyed customers chose SupportBee for its simplicity and affordability. SupportBee’s clean, simple and email-like interface makes it very easy to get it up and running. It does not require any prior knowledge or technical expertise to use SupportBee, whereas your agents may have to go through training or user guides to even get started with a complicated software like Zendesk.

Keeping your support personal and friendly is our top priority

Unlike Zendesk, SupportBee keeps your conversations with customers friendly and personal

SupportBee looks and feels exactly like email to your customers. Unlike Zendesk, we do not use our branding, case ids, or technical details anywhere that will make your company or your customers’ conversations with support agents look impersonal.

Customer support is not just about solving issues that your self-service knowledge base could not handle. Customer service is about making your customers feel listened to, and building lasting relationships in the process of taking care of their needs. SupportBee’s help desk system is designed to achieve that goal.

Keeping your support personal and friendly is our top priority

SupportBee is better than Zendesk in rendering HTML Emails

SupportBee renders HTML emails beautifully. For a software that deals with emails, rendering HTML should not be too hard. However this simple expectation is not met by Zendesk and several other email ticketing software services in the market. If your customers send you HTML emails, the good news is that your agents need not fight garbled text in emails anymore. Our help desk software will meet your need by taking care of it all: styling, links, inline images and more!

HTML emails get love on SupportBee, unlike on Zendesk

SupportBee is designed for collaboration

Effective team participation and communication are needed to deliver customer support successfully. Unlike other help desk systems, our software is designed to help you with the right features to encourage collaboration across agents and software tools used within your company. Several of our features like comments, groups, and notifications help in making collaboration easy and smooth.

SupportBee works better than Zendesk for Ebay and AirBnb

Whether you are a seller on Ebay or a renter on AirBnb, SupportBee will work right out of the box for managing your customer emails. With Zendesk, not only will you have to go through the process of installing an app, you will have to pay extra just to have access to the app. Try out SupportBee free to manage customer emails from Ebay and AirBnb. Signup Now!

SupportBee’s customer support team is always at your service

We offer the same responsive customer support to all our customers - be it a customer on the smallest to the largest plan. We do not discriminate our customers based on how much they pay us. Our team is just an email or a tweet away. If you pick us as your Zendesk alternative, we will do everything we can to make you successful.