A Simple, Effective and Affordable Zendesk Alternative

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Collaborative Ticketing System by SupportBee

SupportBee offers everything you need

Ending any relationship is hard but we've got your back. We offer everything you use in Zendesk.

Shared Inbox

A shared inbox to receive, organize, prioritize and respond to customer support emails

Knowledge Base Software

A knowledge base software to create a searchable archive of answers and guides

Customer Portal Software

A knowledge base software to create a searchable archive of answers and guides

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

A knowledge base software to create a searchable archive of answers and guides

Customer Management

A knowledge base software to create a searchable archive of answers and guides

Reports on performance

A knowledge base software to create a searchable archive of answers and guides

Top reasons to switch from Zendesk to SupportBee

Our customers have told us of the many benefits SupportBee offers over Zendesk. Here are a few!

An intuitive and email-like alternative to Zendesk

SupportBee looks and feels exactly like email to your customers. Unlike Zendesk, we do not use our branding, case ids, or technical details in emails. With SupportBee, your conversations with your customers will look and feel personal.

Keeping your support personal and friendly is our top priority

SupportBee is better than Zendesk in rendering HTML Emails

SupportBee renders HTML emails beautifully. This simple expectation is not met by Zendesk and several other software in the market. If your customers send you HTML emails, the good news is that your agents need not fight garbled text in emails anymore. Our help desk software will meet your need by taking care of it all: styling, links, inline images and more!

HTML emails get love on SupportBee, unlike on Zendesk

SupportBee is designed for collaboration

Effective team participation and communication are needed to deliver customer support successfully. Unlike other help desk systems, our software is designed to help you with the right features to encourage collaboration across agents and software tools used within your company. Several of our features like comments, groups, and notifications help in making collaboration easy and smooth.

Collaborate with all of your team on customer support

Questions on why to switch from Zendesk to SupportBee?

Find answers to the most common questions about our ticketing system. Contact us for any other questions.

What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a leading omnichannel customer support system that integrates with numerous communication platforms with a shared team inbox. The software includes support for phone, chat, email, and social media, which allows you to centralize all your help desk activities. In addition to support ticket management, Zendesk also includes customer relationship management (CRM) tools for tracking important metrics and customer information. With a wide range of capabilities, this system can be used in a variety of work environments and industries. Additional features of Zendesk include a knowledge base, live chat and messaging, analytics, and reporting.

What is the use of a customer support ticketing system like Zendesk?

Customer support ticketing systems, such as Zendesk, are used to manage customer requests from a single repository. With a centralized shared inbox, customer tickets can be reviewed, assigned, and completed by support staff who access the system with a unique login. Having unique logins for a central inbox provides increased security and improved ticket management versus support ticket platforms that don’t offer a shared inbox. Many companies also take advantage of the cloud-based deployment of these systems by enabling system access for their employees and even customers from nearly any device and location.

Many companies also use these ticketing systems to manage customer complaints and are able to maintain an extensive database of supporting information by using a knowledge base. The knowledge base can include any product or support information that is relevant to customer requests, including solutions for frequent issues, how-to guides, and updates regarding future improvements. Access to a knowledge base can also be granted directly to customers by using customer portals. customer portal provides a unique opportunity for a company to present a customer with updates and information that is most important to them. It also provides visibility into customers’ support requests, allowing them to view previous requests and answers and check the status of open tickets.

What is the best Zendesk alternative?

While Zendesk provides a wide variety of features, it may not be the best choice for your particular customer service needs The best alternative to Zendesk will be a system offering features that best align with your current workflows and gives you the flexibility to scale with future improvements. Another important consideration is seamless integration with your other software tools. For example, our SupportBee platform is fully integrated with Basecamp 3.0, allowing you to convert tickets to to-do items or discussions within Basecamp for easy and effective collaboration.

When looking at a Zendesk alternative, you should also consider the team management tools and customization that the software supports. A platform that allows you to organize your support ticket environment around multiple projects and clients is ideal. With these capabilities, you will be better positioned for making improvements as projects become more complex or you expand your product or service offering. Using a ticketing system that supports your corporate branding will also add a sense of continuity to your customer experience. Finally, it is crucial to consider the simplicity and pricing of the system before you make a purchase. One of the best advantages of our SupportBee platform is the email-like familiarity of our shared inbox and the competitive pricing that we offer.