Help your customers track tickets online with our new customer portal software

Hana Mohan

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Our development team has been quite busy the past 2 months, driving the two most requested enterprise features - Knowledge base software and Customer portal software. The Knowledge base software will be ready for release in a week, and the customer portal software is fully functional, and available for trial now.

The customer portal software enables your customers to track the progress of their requests and view the history of their interactions with you, by offering a dedicated space for it. While a ticketing system with collaborative features is sufficient for most cases, some companies in the enterprise space want their users to be able to access their ticket history, view entire email threads, create, and reply to tickets using a dedicated web space. This feature takes care of that need, and it is now available for all customers in the enterprise plan and above.

Here’s a quick overview of the features of our customer portal software:

Tracking link in replies to customers

Once the portal is set up, every reply from you to the customer will carry a private link to track the status of the ticket in the portal. The content in this link is similar to the thread that you will view in your SupportBee account, without the comments and details that are irrelevant to your customer. Also, your customer is not required to go through any kind of login or validation process to access the contents of this link.

Directly accessible portal url

Apart from the links in replies, the customer portal can be directly accessed from a public portal link. Here, your customers will be able to view the ticket history and the ticket status. They will also have the ability to reply to their tickets from this interface.

The best part is that your customers need not have a SupportBee account or remember another login ID and password combination to be able to access this link. Anytime they access the public portal, they will be emailed a private link to access your company’s portal.

Ability to create new tickets

Your customers can also create new requests and tickets from the customer portal. You have the option to pre-fill most of the details, thus making it easy for your customers to get in touch with you.

Setting up the portal and branding

You can set up the customer support portal right from your SupportBee account. To do it, please visit Admin > Customer Portal. You have the option to brand the portal with your own logo and colors. These customization options will help you deliver a consistent experience for your customers across your website and portal.

We’re currently working on enabling custom domains for customer portal, so you can direct your customers to instead of SupportBee’s URL. This feature will be officially released in the next few days. Be tuned for news on it!

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