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"No per Agent pricing and a Real Time Interface make SupportBee a Great Freshdesk Alternative"

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SupportBee is a cleaner and snappier alternative to Freshdesk

SupportBee is loved by our customers for its simplicity and affordability. SupportBee has a snappy email-like interface which makes customer support management very easy. It does not require knowledge or expertise to use SupportBee. However, with a complicated software like Zendesk for Freshdesk, your agents may have to go through extensive training to even get started.

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Keeping your support personal and friendly is our top priority

SupportBee keeps your conversations with customers friendly and personal

SupportBee offers the authentic email experience to your customers. Unlike Freshdesk, we do not use SupportBee branding or technical jargon anywhere that will make your conversations with your customers sound like an automated software service. Customer support is more than just resolving customer issues. Customer service is about building trust and lasting relationships with customers. SupportBee’s helpdesk system is designed to help you achieve that goal.

SupportBee is built to enable collaboration

We understand that ‘All Hands’ support is the best way to deliver great customer service and collaboration is at the heart of such an effort. Effective participation and communication among team members are essential for successful collaboration. Unlike other help desk systems, our software has features that make collaboration across teams and software tools easy. Several of our features like comments, groups, and notifications help in making collaboration within your company easy and smooth.

Unlike Freshdesk, SupportBee works out of the box for Ebay and AirBnb

SupportBee works right out of the box for managing your customer emails from Ebay or AirBnB. With Freshdesk or Zendesk, this can only be achieved by struggling through an integration. Not only that, this integration is only available for the most expensive plans. In SupportBee, you can even use our Free plan to manage customer emails from Ebay and AirBnb.

SupportBee’s pricing model makes ‘All Hands’ support affordable

SupportBee’s unique ‘Agent + Collaborator’ pricing model is designed to help small teams and large organizations deliver the great customer support without without having to pay through the nose. Learn more about our pricing.

A comparison of SupportBee and Freshdesk pricing (when all features are included) will show how affordable SupportBee is.

SupportBee’s customer support team is friendly and responsive

We offer quick and friendly customer support to all our customers. If you choose to go with us as your Freshdesk alternative, please be assured that we will extend our best help to make the switch smooth and successful. We can be reached on twitter or email anytime!