Introducing the ability to organize customers into groups

SupportBee Team

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‘Customer groups’ is a feature that helps you arrange individual customers from the same organization into a single group.

Note: This feature is only available for customers under the Enterprise plan. For those customers in the older pricing model, this feature is only available in Large plan and above

What is the purpose of this feature?

This feature will help you to enable your customers to track support tickets, both at a personal level and at a group level. Until recently, each person was given an individual private link to view their tickets and theirs only. A common request has been to give customers the ability to track requests from all members of their organization and not just theirs. This group-level tracking is now available in the Customer Portal.

Other requests are:

  • Admins/agents in SupportBee having the ability to see customer history both at the individual level and at the group (customer organization) level

  • Sending out emails to customer groups without having to type each individual email address

  • Reporting at the group level

Who is it for?

Currently, anybody who has the customer portal enabled can benefit from this feature.

If you have the customer portal enabled, you can create groups for your own customers and inform them that they will be able to access their group’s tickets in the portal.

Creating and managing groups

You can create Customer groups from the ‘Customers’ tab in the left-hand side navigation in your SupportBee account. Please note that only admins in the account have access to the customer groups and management feature.

Here are the steps:

  • Click on the ‘+’ icon next to Groups in the left-hand navigation
  • In the form, add the group name and the domain names that should belong to the group
  • Click on ‘Save group’

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