Web Hooks Integration

Webhook for Everything Important

Polling is inefficient, use SupportBee's Webhooks

Writing an integration or integration that does something on every new ticket or reply? Webhooks are a great way to be programmatically notified when something hintegrationens. You can add any number of web hooks in SupportBee. Below is a list of supported events with Webhooks:

  • Ticket Created
  • Ticket Assigned to User
  • Ticket Unassigned from User
  • Ticket Assigned to Team
  • Ticket Unassigned from Team
  • Ticket Answered
  • Ticket Unanswered
  • Ticket Spammed
  • Ticket Unspammed
  • Ticket Trashed
  • Ticket Untrashed
  • Ticket Archived
  • Ticket Unarchived
  • Agent Reply Created
  • Customer Reply Created
  • Comment Created

You can use a service like Pipedream's Requestbin to test these webhooks.
Read Webhooks Documentation to learn more →