Capsule CRM Integration

Capsule is the easy online CRM for doing business. Using a CRM like Capsule you can keep track of people and companies you do business with. You can signup for a trial account by visiting Capsule's homepage.

Sync Customer Information between Capsule & SupportBee

Use SupportBee's Capsule integration to share information about a customer between CapsuleCRM and SupportBee - automatically on every new ticket! By installing the integration you can

  • Fetch a customer's information from Capsule and show it as a comment on the ticket. The comment also contains a link to the customer's profile in Capsule.
  • Update the customer information in Capsule whenever the customer sends a new ticket. Keep your sales team in the loop.

Adding the Capsule CRM Integration

To add the integration, click on the 'Add to My SupportBee'. If this is the first integration that you are adding, you will have to enter your subdomain and you will be taken to Capsule CRM to allow access to SupportBee. Once SupportBee has access, you can then save the integration and select the following details:

Create a New Person in Capsule if one does not exist

Check this option if you want us to create a new contact in Capsule if we can't find one based on the email address of the customer.

Send ticket content to Capsule

By default we only add a link to the SupportBee ticket with a short summary. If you want the full content of the ticket to be posted to Capsule, please check this option.

Using the Integration

Once you add the integration, sit back and relax. You don't have to do anything manually. Every time a ticket comes in, we will automatically look in Capsule and post a comment on the ticket if we find a contact based on the email address. If we can't find one, we will create a contact if you have the option checked in settings.