Bigcommerce Integration

Bigcommerce is an e-commerce platform for fast-growth businesses, enabling them to easily launch professional online stores in hours, not weeks or months.

See a Customer's Last Order Details Automatically

SupportBee's Bigcommerce Integration pulls in the order information of the customer (based on the email address of the ticket sender) and posts it as a comment on the SupportBee ticket. The integration also posts a note on customer's profile in Bigcommerce. The note has a link to the support ticket in SupportBee.

Adding the Bigcommerce Integration

To add the integration, click on the 'Add to My SupportBee'. If this is the first integration that you are adding, you will have to enter your subdomain and you will be taken to a settings screen. Fill in the following details


You can use an existing user or create a new API user in Bigcommerce. Make sure that you have enabled API access for the user (by editing the user). For more information, see this help guide on Bigcommerce.

API Token

API token of the user that you entered above. It can be found on the edit user screen

Shop URL

This is the API URL. You will see it when you are copying the API Token on Bigcommerce.

Using the Integration

Once you have setup the integration, everything works in auto-pilot. For every new ticket, we check Bigcommerce for a customer record and post the order details as a comment on the ticket (if an order exists). The integration will also post a note in Bigcommerce with a link to the ticket.

This integration has been retired.

Please write to us at if you'd like us to reintroduce the integration.

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