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"SupportBee is simple & well designed. It's the software we would have built ourselves if we were to do so!"

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Email Ticketing Collaborative Workflow No Per Agent Fees

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The Right Set of Features To Help You Deliver Friendly Customer Support!

Like Email But Better

SupportBee works just like email. We stay invisible to your customers and all they see is a friendly email. No case ids, reply above this line or other help desk mumbo-jumbo.

Collaborative Help Desk!

We have the right set of features to enable collaboration within your entire team. For example, labels and groups make it very easy to organize and assign tickets.

No Per Agent Pricing

When it comes to providing support, your entire team should be involved. That's why we don't charge you by the number of logins.

Goes Everywhere With You

Want to manage your help desk on the move? With SupportBee, you can access your support desk on your mobile phone's or tablet's browser.

Hosted & Managed

Since SupportBee is hosted and managed for you, there is nothing to download, install, manage or backup.

Insightful Reports

You cannot improve what you don't measure. We provide insightful help desk reports that can help you improve your customer service.

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