Wrapping up 2016 with some more features, enhancements, and optimizations

SupportBee Team

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2016 was an eventful year for all of us at SupportBee. From launching a new design for the app, to overhauling the infrastructure, we had a satisfying year implementing updates, changes, and improvements to make the SupportBee experience much better for all of you. We want to wrap this year with an announcement about a few more feature updates that we recently implemented.

Ability to add a message when forwarding a ticket

While forwarding a ticket from the SupportBee interface to someone outside the system, you now have the ability to include a message for the recipient. We also include a link to the ticket in the email which gives an opportunity for the recipient (sometimes it can be your customer) to view the thread to track progress. The recipient is not required to login to SupportBee to view the thread and the link is set to expire in 3 weeks.

Wildcards in filters

The wildcard () usage in filters which was only available for the ‘From’ field is now extended to the ‘Subject’ field. For example, in the ‘From’ field, adding ‘@importantclient.com’ in the condition will match any email address from the importantclient.com domain. Similarly, adding something like test* in the ‘Subject’ field condition will match tickets that have any of the following words in the subject line: ‘test’, ‘testing’, ‘tested’, ‘testimony’, and so on.

Custom HTML signatures

With the recent update, signatures can be formatted using HTML code. It gives you the flexibility to add inline CSS and embedded images. With the newly added ‘Source’ button in the signature editor, you can enter the desired HTML right into the editor.

Ability to add images to snippets

The ability to add images to snippets has been a commonly requested feature. Snippets are templated replies for frequently asked questions and more often than not, there is a need to include screenshots and images to such replies. All that needs to be done is a drag and drop for images to be included in snippets.

Links made clickable automatically

For a long time we handled links by removing the ‘www’ or ‘http’ prefix in urls to make them clickable. The current implementation does not alter the original text. Instead, all links in ticket text and replies are automatically detected and just made clickable.

Displaying CC information in email notifications

In our notifications for new tickets, we used to list only the primary sender, not any of the CCd addresses. For customers who used their email client to reply to support tickets, there was no indication that the ticket included CCs or that the CCd addresses will be included in the reply. We included the CC information in email notifications to avoid that ambiguity.

A big thanks to our developers Josue Montano and Nisanth for rolling out all the features and performance enhancements.

We at SupportBee look forward to an exciting 2017. Wishing you all the same!

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