September updates: HTTPS for custom domains and more

SupportBee Team

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In the last few months, SupportBee’s development team has been busy making infrastructure upgrades and ironing out a lot of the UI issues reported with respect to infinite scrolling and lists. Apart from that, we have some development updates for the product. Here’s a list of the recently released updates:

HTTPS support for custom domains

We are now offering HTTPS support for custom domains for all paying customers. If you have configured a CNAME for your SupportBee account, and if you are interested in setting up HTTPS (SSL) for your account, you can write to us at [email protected], and we will set it up for you.

File attachments for comments added via email

Until recently, attachments could be added to comments only from the SupportBee interface. We now support file attachments for comments that are added to a SupportBee’s ticket thread via email (notifications).

Importing digitally signed emails

Email messages that are digitally signed offer a layer of security by assuring a recipient that the email contents were actually signed by the sender and not an impostor. However, until recently, SupportBee did not display the contents of digitally signed emails; one had to download the original email to view the contents. Now we import and display digitally signed emails, so you don’t have to go through the extra step of downloading the mail.

Notification for software updates

We now have an automatic notification for software updates. Before this, you would have to manually refresh the app to load the latest SupportBee changes.

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