Improvements to labels, filters, and fonts

SupportBee Team

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Search option for labels and filters

Labels and filters help you manage your workflows efficiently by automating them. If you have more than a handful of filters and labels in your account, you no longer have to spend time scrolling through the list to find the label or filter you would like to add or edit. We recently introduced the search option for both these features which makes life a lot easier.

Here’s a video on label search

Here’s a video on filter search

Moving to System fonts

Until recently, we rendered SupportBee using the Neue Frutiger font stack. Although it served us well, we decided to move to System fonts for the sake of performance. Custom web fonts offer a consistent experience for all users across all machines, but it can be a drag when it comes to performance. Considering how System fonts are optimized for screen legibility, and how for an app like SupportBee performance matters more than uniqueness in design, we believe that it was a good choice to move to using System fonts for our interface.

As always if you have any feedback or comments or questions about these updates, write to us at [email protected].

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