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Teams for greater collaboration

If you have been using SupportBee for any length of time, you are probably familar with Groups. You can create a group of agents and assign tickets to a group. This is useful when you have different departments in your company - Sales, Marketing, Development. Starting today, we are renaming Groups to Teams and a lot more has changed than just the name!

Assign Tickets to a Team and an Agent

Assigning a ticket to a team is very useful when you are not sure of which specific person the ticket should be assigned to. For example, when you get a request for a refund, you can assign it to your 'Billing' Team. All members of the team can see the ticket in their 'My Teams' page. From there, they can either work on it directly or assign it a member of the team (or to themselves). Unlike groups, when a ticket is assigned to an agent, it is still assigned to a team so you can track it from the 'My Teams' page.

Ticket assigned to both an agent and team

A ticket assigned to a team can only be assigned to a member of the team ensuring that a ticket isn't mistakenly assigned to someone not part of the team.

Reports on Teams

Any updates to tickets that belong to a team will affect the metrics for that team. So for example, when a ticket belonging to the Billing Team is archived, the average time to archive for Billing Team will be updated. The same goes for all other metrics like Average time for first response, number of tickets and number of replies.

If a ticket is assigned to an agent as well, the metrics for the agent will be updated along with the metrics for the team. To learn more about teams, please read our documentation on teams

Private Teams

Just like groups before, teams can be marked 'Private' ensuring that any ticket assigned to a private team is only visibile to the members of the team. More details on private tickets are in our original blog post on private tickets.

Changes to the API

This changes the assignment API and we have updated our developer docs to reflect this. There is now a new endpoint for assigning a ticket to a team and for unassigning a team ticket. The API endpoint for assigning tickets to a user remains the same as before. The ticket resource has changed to reflect the switch from groups to teams.

We have created an announcement only google group to announce upcoming changes and additions to the API and platform - SupportBee Developer News. If you are using the API, please subscribe to it.

As always, we would love to hear your feedback on this release. We would also like to thanks to you for your feedback on the groups feedback, which helped us create Teams! Finally, thanks to Nisanth and Josue for their work on this feature.

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