Quick Start Screen for Admins & CapsuleCRM App

SupportBee Team

1min read

Super excited to be rolling out some great updates this Monday:

Quick Start Screen for Admins

Clicking the Admin link now takes you to a Quick Start screen. You can quickly see the most important settings here (forwarding addresses, number of users and groups etc) and jump to the 'Add New' screens in one click. We will be expanding out the Quick Start screen with more useful information over time. In the meantime, please send us your feedback about this screen.

Quick Start Screen

Capsule CRM

If you are using CapsuleCRM to track sales lead, we have good news for you! We just rolled out the Capsule CRM App that pulls in information from Capsule and posts it as a comment on the ticket. It can also update Capsule with the ticket information. Go ahead and try it out!

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