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Private tickets has always been one of the most requested features in SupportBee. This request mainly arises from a need to exercise control over the visibility of sensitive information that gets routed through the support software. For instance, tickets sent to the billing department may contain sensitive information like customer's address, etc., We at SupportBee also felt this is a necessary feature and have been working on it for a couple of months now. We invited a few customers to try out the beta. With their feedback we have been improving the feature and it is now ready to hit your SupportBee.

So how can I mark tickets private?

SupportBee lets you control the visibility of tickets in three ways

  • By marking individual tickets as private
  • By assigning tickets to Private Groups.
  • By setting up a filter that marks specific tickets as private as soon as they land in your desk

Marking individual tickets as private

Tickets can be marked as private on an individual basis too, making the ticket visible only to the admins and assignee(if any).

Assignment to Private Groups

A company can mark groups as private and by doing so all tickets assigned to these groups will be marked private and hence viewable by the admins and members of that group alone. Ticket actions and their notifications, etc., will now be contained within the members of the group.

Setting up a filter to mark certain tickets as private

You could also setup a filter that would mark specific tickets - that you want to be kept private from the word go - as private. These tickets would only be viewable by the admins and assignees if any.

I want this feature, how can I get it?

Please reload your SupportBee desk and you are ready.

Mark individual tickets as private

Currently, this is available only to the admins. On opening a ticket you will see an "unlocked-icon" just before the ticket's subject(in tickets that are not already private).


Admins can toggle the visibility of the ticket by clicking on this icon.

Mark Groups as Private

Head to Admin > Groups section.
You can check the option Mark as private at the time of a new group creation or while editing existing groups.


The group will now be marked as private and tickets assigned to the group will only be viewable by its members and the admins.

Setup a filter to mark tickets private

At the time of filter creation/editing you can check the option Mark the ticket as Private


All tickets that satisfy the filter criteria will be marked as private and will be viewable only by the admin and assignee(if any)

Do write in to us on how private tickets worked for you or if you have any feedback or suggestions for us.

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