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We are very excited to announce SupportBee’s new layout that we have been working on for months! The new tabbed interface, with infinite scrolling in listings, offers a cleaner experience and an easier navigation. The overarching goal of this redesign is to do away with the clutter, while also overcoming some of the performance and functional disadvantages of the existing design.

Here are some of the welcome changes you will see in the new interface:

  • Reduced clutter
  • Emphasis on what's important
  • Easier access to older tickets
  • Better performance
  • Fewer bugs

Reducing of clutter

Every listing has two sections: ‘Answered’ and ‘Unanswered’ with the ‘My’ tickets listing having the additional ‘Star’ section. All listings now have separate tabs for each of the sections. This not only declutters the interface, but also offers the ability to list more tickets in each of these sections.

Current interface

New interface

Emphasizing important details

The new design offers a bird’s eye view by proving counts of tickets right next to the tabs. In the previous design the count of ‘unanswered’ tickets had to be discerned from the navigation.

Easier access to older tickets

In the existing interface you have to click through the navigation to access older tickets, which may leave you several clicks away from the last ticket in the list. This is especially painful if you have hundreds of tickets in your listing.

With infinite scrolling, you save a bunch of time having the ability to access all the tickets in the listing easily.

Better performance

This feature is not just a change of the look and feel of the current listings, but rather a complete rewrite using cutting edge technology. It is written with performance in mind. For example, you’ll see that live updates are shown to you faster than before. Also, the memory footprint of the entire app is reduced so screen freezes and slow navigation are pains of the past.

And this is still a beta, so you can expect many more performance improvements in the following weeks.

Less buggy!

The new interface takes care of several issues that were reported about ticket count being wrong, and the listing losing the filter information during navigation.

How to try it out

You can enable the new design from your profile settings. Here’s a screenshot for reference:

Retiring the old layout

We have been using the new design internally for our own SupportBee account, and we have ironed out a lot of the initial glitches with the new design. We are currently rolling it out for all of you, and for a month you will have the ability to go between the new and old designs. This is to make sure that if you find something more desirable in the old design, you can let us know, and continue using the old design until we iron out all the bugs.

On the 6th of April 2018, we will switch to the new design permanently for all accounts.

As always, if you have any feedback, you can leave a comment, or write to us at [email protected]

Enjoy the new experience!

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