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Happy 2015 everyone, here's to a fun and successful new year! We are starting 2015 with some new features and improvements to SupportBee, here we go.

Improvements to ticket assignment

We now support searching for your agents or groups by their name at the time of ticket assignment.

Search for an agent and assign :

Screenshot user assignment

Search for a group and assign :

Screenshot group assignment

We have also added keyboard shortcuts to make ticket assignment a breeze. If you are viewing a ticket,

  • hit the key a to bring up the agents listing and search through them to assign the ticket to one of your team members. Or,
  • use shift + a to assign the ticket to yourself. Or,
  • hit g to bring up the groups listing - search through and assign the ticket to a group.

You can apply the same keyboard shortcuts on multiple tickets after selecting them in the ticket listings. See our complete list of keyboard shortcuts.

Support for Inline Attachments

Earlier this week we rolled out a longstanding feature in SupportBee, supporting inline attachments that come in with the original Ticket.
The Inline images that are attached to the original Ticket are now rendered in the Reply Editor, and are also attached as an inline attachment to your reply to the ticket. The notification emails now contain the inline attachments of the original ticket.

Here is how it looks now

Original Ticket


Reply Editor




App Updates

1. Assign Asana tasks from within SupportBee

Screenshot of Asana App

SupportBee has an integration with Asana through the Asana app. With the older implementation of this app, users could create tasks in Asana from within SupportBee but they’d have to login to their respective Asana accounts in order to assign these tasks to a user within a workspace. Recently, one of our existing customers asked if we could roll out an assign to feature with respect to this app. In response to their query, we’re happy to say that we’ve added this feature to the existing app. With this new feature, one can now create and assign a task, both, from within SupportBee. The above screenshot is a combination of the before(how it looks in SupportBee) and after(how it looks from within Asana) view of a newly created and assigned Asana Task.

2. Tag newly created Insightly customer contacts from within SupportBee

Through one of the features of the Insightly app, a user in SupportBee(SB) gets to automatically create new Insightly customer contacts if none previously existed with that customer’s mail id. One of SupportBee’s customers wanted to identify through tags which of their customer contacts have come via SupportBee so that they could use Zapier to do other integrations. In other words, a SB customer should have the option to tag a newly created Insightly contact from within SB everytime there is a new customer email in SB or when a ticket is fired to a new customer email id using SB. We made appropriate enhancements in our app to incorporate relevant scenarios pertaining to this feature.

Screenshot of Insightly settings page

How this works -
  1. By default new Insightly contacts created from within SupportBee aren’t tagged. You will have to explicitly tick this option(please refer the above screenshot) through a Tag new contacts checkbox that you’d find on the page where you enter your Insightly app related details.

  2. Once you’ve ticked the Tag new contacts checkbox you have two options by which you can tag new contacts.

  • Option 1 - Enter a custom tag name. All your new contacts will be tagged with this name.
  • Option 2 - In case if you don’t want to use a custom tag name, by default all new contacts would have the supportbee tag name.

Please reload your SupportBee desk to start seeing these improvements. We hope they help improve your workflow and the overall experience of SupportBee. Do write in to us at [email protected] with your feedback and queries if any.

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