Better aesthetics & niftier navigation - Launching the new SupportBee

SupportBee Team

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We are excited to announce the launch of a slick and niftier SupportBee after a major revamp that we had been working on for the past few months. This is one of the biggest updates since SupportBee’s launch.

Our pursuit for better aesthetics for this launch was not just a superficial overhauling of colors and fonts. While the veneer of warm natural colors in the new design make for a peppier interaction, the crux of the effort was focused on using the real estate better for a more functional and intuitive interaction.

Switching to the new design

We understand that changes can be painful however awesome the changes are. To make sure the transition is gradual and painless, existing customers will have the option to switch between designs for a month before we retire the old interface permanently on the 13th of August 2016. You can turn on the new design from the Account drop down found in the right corner of the main ticket screen.

There are hundreds of small changes that contribute to the satisfying little interactions that you will experience while using the new SupportBee. But here’s a quick brief on the changes that will immediately meet your eye.

Better grouping of ticket and account options on the main screen

In the main ticket screen, options like Account settings, Admin functions and Inboxes are arranged on the left side of the page while other ticket related options are grouped together in the top bar. This provides for much easier navigation than before.

Better reply/comment interaction

One of the common complaints about the Reply/Comment window in the ticket page has been how the distinction between replying and commenting is not clear. That is taken care of this in this redesign. Also, the ticket window is much more pleasant to look at and easier to understand - everything from fonts and images used to how the various pieces of information are arranged have contributed to this change. The biggest improvement is the sticky reply box. Now, while reading the ticket/comment, regardless of the screen size, the reply box is neatly tucked away until it is needed. Also, it is now possible to scroll through previous replies/comments while you are writing one.

Improved ticket listings

In this page, the spacing and font size were worked on to provide better distinction between individual tickets in the listing. We brought in the element of profile images (Gravatar) in ticket listings to add the necessary personal touch.

Labels made more functional

Now Labels have better colors and a better background which makes them easy on the eyes. We also offer a richer color palette when creating labels. The best part about labels is the ability to scroll through the list much more easily than before.

Easier navigation and search for snippets

With a full text search capability and a default drop down, navigating through the snippets and choosing one feels snappier.

Reports, admin and account settings

All these pages have been redesigned for better navigation and access. The right spacing, fonts and contrasts contribute to the superior experience.

In all, the new SupportBee experience can be summed up as a change that one would feel when shifting a vehicle to a higher gear - you stop feeling the drag of the app while you start to experience the lightness and speed. The better colors and fonts only add to the pleasantness of the overall experience.

We would like to thank our team members Jana,Josue and Pranav for the effort they have put into this launch.

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