Launching SupportBee’s Knowledge base software for managing help docs

Hana Mohan

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Last week, we made an announcement about the upcoming launch of our Knowledge base software. That feature is launched, and it is ready to be tested now. Thanks to Hana, Pranav, and Josue for all their tireless efforts.

What is a Knowledge base software and why do you need it?

The Knowledge base software is an application that helps you create, organize, and publish information about your product or service. Your customers will be able to access the information that you publish through a website, where they can find answers for their questions about your product before sending in a support query. Our Knowledge base software makes the technical writing process, content management, and discovery much easier.

As an example, you can view SupportBee’s help documents, which are published using this feature.

Launching your Knowledge base site

To launch your Knowledge base site, visit Admin -> Knowledge Base, and click on ‘+ New Site’ button. After entering the relevant details, you can click on ‘Create site’ and then publish it by visiting Knowledge base -> Site settings.

Managing content

Adding and editing content

The moment your site is setup, you are ready to add your content as articles under different categories. If you already have a functioning Knowledge base site, it is very easy to copy-paste your content in the newly created site. Our editor supports Rich text formatting which makes it easy to create visually appealing content. You also have the option to either attach documents to an article or add inline images, gifs and code snippets to supplement your text content. With our drag ‘n drop option, you have the option to re-order content as needed.

Robust Search

Our Knowledge base software is powered with a robust search functionality to help your customers find answers to their questions about your product or service.

Publishing multiple sites

If you have more than one product or service that you offer, you will have the capability to publish multiple sites from a single SupportBee account. However, the number of sites you can publish will depend on the pricing plan that you are on.

Managing your brand with custom domains

You will be able to brand your Knowledge base and leverage SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your marketing, by using your domain name in the URL instead of SupportBee’s.

To add your domain, visit Admin -> Custom Domain. To enable custom domain you'll have to setup a CNAME pointing to in your DNS records.

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