KBee improvements and fixes

SupportBee Team

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For all those who have been using SupportBee's Knowledge Base component (KBee), we have some updates for you!

Ability to move articles between categories

Now you have the option to move articles between categories! Previously, you had to copy-paste the content of an article from one category to another, and then delete the original content. Now, you can easily move articles between different categories.

Here’s a quick video of how it works:

Ability to autosave drafts

In the Kbee editor, you were required to click on ‘Save’ before clicking on ‘Preview and Publish’ to save the content. Going forward, the text will be automatically saved as a draft and you can preview and publish without manually saving your content.

Image centering

One of the issues in Kbee was that images would get left-aligned after saving the content. This happened irrespective of the alignment you had set during content creation. This bug is resolved now.

Attachments after edits

Some customers had reported that they were losing their attachments in Kbee articles when they edited and saved the content in the article after publishing it. This issue has also been resolved now.

When adding long content in the Kbee editor, the menu bar in the editor was not easily accessible. Now the menu bar is made sticky, and it is available even when you are adding long content or scrolling through long content.

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