January updates: Comparison charts for reports and Two-factor authentication

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Thanks to Nisanth and Josue Montano, we start off 2017 with some major updates to SupportBee’s reports and security features. We also have an update for our mobile web app in the pipeline which is coming soon.

Here’s a quick tour on both reports, as well as two-factor authentication.

Building comparison charts with SupportBee reports

With SupportBee reports, you have always had the ability to pull up stats (average response time, average time to archive, number of tickets, and replies) on individual agents, teams and labels. With the newest update, you can compare stats by selecting multiple agents, teams, or labels. This enables you to understand the performance of one individual, team, or category against the rest for each of the parameters.

These charts come with additional options like enabling the display of data on hover, downloading the charts as PNGs, and the ability to zoom in and out. See the screenshots below for examples.

We will be launching the much requested ‘Export’ feature in our next round of updates for reports.

Two-factor authentication

Every company’s support desk contains sensitive customer information that cannot be risked exposure. With such sensitive data, security is a legitimate concern for many of SupportBee’s customers. If an agent’s password is compromised, it can potentially cost a company its reputation. We introduced the optional two-factor authentication system to address that concern.

This system adds an additional level of authentication to the usual sign on process. Apart from the login and password, an agent is required to identify through codes generated from the Google Authenticator app, which would be installed in his/her phone. This way, even if the
password is compromised, the hacker has to get hold of the agent’s mobile device to be able to access the codes necessary for successful authentication.

Enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) for your SupportBee account

Here are the steps to enable 2FA for your account. Please note that each user in the system has to set it up individually.

  • Click on the profile photo in the top left corner of the SupportBee interface
  • Click on the option ‘Security’
  • Follow the steps described under ‘Two-factor authentication (2FA)’
  • Click on ‘Enable Two-factor authentication’

Managing two-factor authentication

To see which of your agents/admins have enabled 2FA (and who haven't), admins can visit Admin > Users.

If a user loses his/her mobile phone, an account admin can be contacted to disable 2FA.
The admin can visit Admin > Users, click on the Edit link and then click on the "Disable Two-factor authentication" button to disable 2FA for that agent.

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