February updates: Basecamp 3 integration and a fully featured mobile experience

Hana Mohan

1min read

Since the launch of Basecamp 3, we have received several requests from existing and prospective customers for integration with SupportBee. We are happy to announce that the Basecamp 3 integration with SupportBee is now live. We are also listed in the Basecamp 3 integrations page as an official third party add-on.

Basecamp 3 integration features

This integration offers everything that Basecamp 2 integration offers - creating to-do lists & items, and the ability to assign those to team members, all from within the SupportBee interface - with the additional option of adding multiple assignees for to-do items. This option of multiple assignees is newly introduced in Basecamp 3 and it is included in the integration.

Thanks to our developer Nisanth for launching this feature.

A fully featured mobile web and mobile app experience for SupportBee

Until now, our mobile app and mobile web versions only had a subset of the features seen in the desktop version. Thanks to Josue, we now have a fully featured mobile experience. Here’s a list of all the major changes that you will see:

Ability to

  • Search tickets,
  • Reply with rich text,
  • Add snippets to replies,
  • Add @ mentions in comments,
  • CC and BCC other people,
  • Ability to view ticket activity.

Here’s a screenshot of the Android app.

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