Announcement: Improvements to Basecamp integration

SupportBee Team

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Basecamp and [Insightly] (
are the two most popular integrations in SupportBee, and we have received a number of requests in the past months for improving these. Even as we are announcing the improvements to Basecamp, we have started working on improving Insightly. Stay tuned for updates!

Also, feel free to write to us at [email protected] for suggestions regarding the Insightly integration.

Here’s a complete list of all improvements for the Basecamp integration.

Listing all Projects and To Do’s in the SupportBee drop down

Before releasing this update, only the most recent 15 projects were listed in the drop down when you choose a project for a ticket to be sent to. Now, all projects are listed and you can scroll through the options.

Links to attachments

Earlier, only ticket content could be sent to Basecamp. Now, along with ticket content, links to ticket attachments are posted to Basecamp.

Retaining HTML formatting

All formatting in a ticket is retained when it is sent to Basecamp. Earlier ticket content was sent only as plain text.

Rich text editor for better formatting

Additionally, you have the option to format information with the new Rich text editor before information is sent to Basecamp.

Try the integration and let us know if you have any feedback. Many thanks to our developer Pranav for the latest round of improvements.

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