Simple HTML Contact Form

Help your customers to easily reach out to you with our simple contact form. Free to get started!

Create customer touch points with widgets or embeddable forms

Not every customer likes the idea of e-mailing a customer support team for help. Having a ‘Contact’ widget or an embedded contact form, within a website, encourages your customers to get in touch with you instead of abandoning your website for lack of information.

Simple Contact Form
Our Simple HTML Form supports multiple Languages

Customize with the language of your choice

You can improve the widget experience for your users by modifying the language option. We currently support six different languages. If you do not find the language of your need, we will be happy to take a language request from you.

Pre-fill important fields to make it easier

For customers who are already logged in, it is easy to pre-fill important fields like Name and Email address. All they have to do is type in their message and press ‘Send’. These messages can be handled from the SupportBee ticket interface as easily as you handle direct emails. Read the developer docs to learn more →

Prefill important fields
Embed as HTML Form

Receive emails from HTML contact forms

We provide easy-to-use HTML code to add web forms to your site. You can receive emails directly in you SupportBee account every time a customer contacts you through the form. If you prefer an in-page embed, you can use our iframe version.

Add captcha to avoid spam

For widgets, all it takes is enabling the Captcha option in the admin panel. For embeddable forms, you can pass an additional parameter named ‘captcha’ to the form link and set it to ‘true’. The captcha fonts that we use are readable and they perform the function of keeping spam out of our inbox.

Protect spam with Captcha
Integrations and API

Customize forms with our API and 3rd party integrations

SupportBee integrates with 3rd party apps like Wufoo and FormCrafts to help you leverage the options offered by those services. Optionally you can also work with our API to customize the forms to your needs.

Works on desktop, tablets and mobile devices

These forms render beautifully on any device - iOS, Android or iPad. Your customers are just a few clicks away from getting in touch with you whatever their medium of browsing.

Multiple Device Support

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