Our Philosophy
Software built for teams that trust each other

SupportBee's help desk software helps you manage your customer support emails efficiently.

Current customer support software is a unnecessarily complicated relic of the desktop software era. While everyone else is building a better Outlook, we're focused on building a Gmail for support. Clean, easy and built for a user like you.

Our philosophy is simple and can be summed up in a few bullet points.

Do a few things. Do them well.

At SupportBee, we solve your Email support needs and we do it the best. We will not double up as a productivity tool or a motivation app or a meeting reminder tool while your agent handles support because it is very easy for software products to degenerate into useless bloatwares from mindless feature additions. We obsess about what we shouldn’t be as much about what we want to be.

Built for small teams that work together and trust each other

SupportBee is not meant for the Walmarts and the BestBuys. There are no unwieldy features like permission systems or audit trails to track if the team is taking care of support or not. It is designed for teams that inherently care about delivering great support and looking for a tool that would make their process efficient.

Priced in a way your customer service is priority. Not our economics.

We do not price based on the number of seats. We price based only on the volume of tickets. What this means is that we do not segment features in a way that will hamper delivery of great service to your customers. If a problem in hand requires involving the entire team, you can involve your team without ever worrying about costs. We care about adding value to your business by helping you deliver great support.

Smart and Extensible

Every business will have specific needs that SupportBee can’t solve. We have an open, fully documented RESTful API and a hosted app platform that you can use to build specific features that are unique to you. That keeps SupportBee light and keeps you happy at the same time.

Thank you for reading,

The SupportBee Team