KBee: Knowledge Base Software by SupportBee

Knowledge Base Software to power your Documentation or FAQ site

SupportBee’s integrated knowledge base software empowers your customers to help themselves by finding answers to frequently asked questions.

Knowledge Base Software for product documentation or FAQ sites

Support multiple sites

With SupportBee, you can manage documentation for multiple sites with a single account. It can be tiresome and sometimes more expensive to set up a separate account for each of your products. With SupportBee, manage everything - emails and knowledge base - all under a single login.

Support multiple sites with SupportBee's knowledge base software
Simple and Robust Search for your knowledge base sites

Simple and robust search

Search is at the heart of content discovery. We power your knowledge base software with a robust search functionality to help your customers find the answers they need without much effort.

Easily create and edit content

Our rich text editor helps you create neatly formatted content which can be organized into articles under various categories. The ability to add inline images helps in making your text instruction more lucid.

Create, edit, and version content in your knowledge base
SupportBee's knowledge base software and ticketing system work in tandem

Easily link to knowledge base articles with snippets

The Snippets search bar helps you quickly search and link to knowledge base articles when replying to a customer. SupportBee seamlessly integrates knowledge base with email ticketing, making life a lot easier for support agents to easily access and provide information to customers without ever leaving the ticket page.

Neatly organize and manage content

Content is organized as articles under various categories. As your product grows and changes shape, there will be a need to update, reorder, and reorganize your articles and categories. SupportBee’s snappy interface makes this very easy. Best of all, we keep track of all the versions, making it easy to view the revision history of a file.

Easily Re-order Articles and Categories
File Attachments

Upload files - PDFs, Ebooks, and more

With SupportBee, you will have the ability to upload files to your Knowledge base that can be easily accessed by your customers. The files can be anything from images and videos to PDFs or Ebooks. As an example, you can see our Ebook about delivering awesome customer support uploaded to our Knowledge base under the section called 'Ebooks’.

Customize urls with your domain name

We offer the ability to brand your knowledge base site using your company name in the url instead of SupportBee’s. Enabling the custom domain feature will make it easy for your customers to remember the urls for later access

Support for custom domains
Embeddable KB

Embed your KB in your app

Hive is SupportBee's embeddable option for the Knowledge Base site. It enables you to display help articles right in your website or app where help is actually required.

Reduces support tickets

Reduce your support overhead

SupportBee’s integrated knowledge base software empowers your customers to help themselves, thus reducing your support overheads. Our knowledge base software is quick to set up and painless to manage. The organized site-layout and robust search offers easy navigation and quick content discovery for your customers.

Revision history for articles

Revision History

Technical documentation is a work in progress. The documents change shape as your product evolves. We keep track of all the revision history for your documentation, so you can manage the documentation process as meticulously as you manage your product development.

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