SupportBee's eBay Integration

SupportBee is the easiest way to manage your customer support emails. Integrate it with Ebay to supercharge your process.

SupportBee is a collaborative and easy to use email ticketing system
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Easily handle eBay messages and notifications from SupportBee

This integration helps you take advantage of SupportBee’s collaborative features to painlessly manage all your customer messages and notifications from Ebay. You can funnel your Ebay communication into SupportBee in two easy steps - 1) Setting up an auto-forwarding for your Ebay email address 2) Setting up SMTP in SupportBee

Forwarding your customers’ messages and notifications from eBay

The first part is to set up an auto forwarding from the email address you use for Ebay, to SupportBee. The email address used for Ebay can be found in your account’s communication preferences. Here are the steps to find your Ebay email address:

After logging into Ebay, click on the ‘Messages’ option under the My eBay link in the top right-hand corner of the page.

In the ‘Messages’ page, Click on the Account tab and select the Communication Preferences option from the left-hand sidebar menu. Under ‘Delivery options’, you will find the email address that you have registered with Ebay.

Once you create a SupportBee account, this is the email address you will be adding to SupportBee to set up auto forwarding.

Here are step by step instructions on setting up auto forwarding.

Handle eBay messages from SupportBee

Setting up SMTP

For your replies from SupportBee to reach your customers without getting rejected by eBay, you need to set up SMTP. This setup will ensure that your replies are sent by your email service provider as expected by eBay.

Here’s a complete help for setting up SMTP.

Handle eBay messages from SupportBee

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