Our Capsule Integration adds customer support information to Capsule automagically

Understand your sales pipeline better in the light of your support interactions with customers. The integration makes it real easy

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Capsule is an easy to use online CRM tool for businesses. Using a CRM like Capsule you can keep track of people and companies you do business with.

SupportBee is an easy to use email ticketing system . View our features

How does the integration work

Send all support interactions to Capsule as cases

Information about customers in your Capsule CRM is incomplete without the details of the interaction you had with them for support. If you use SupportBee to handle your support interactions, all that information is automatically sent to Capsule as cases under the particular customer.

Send all support interactions to Capsule as cases

Create customer profiles automatically from emails

More often than not, pre-sales questions from prospective customers are also handled by the support team. If you are using Capsule to track opportunities, SupportBee helps you by automatically creating profiles for prospects from pre-sales emails or emails from customers who don’t yet have an entry in Capsule. A case is also automatically recorded under the customer profile with the content of their email to you.

Handle support better with the right background information accessible in a click

Every support email that comes into SupportBee will have a link to the customer profile in Capsule. This information is automatically appended as a comment in the email thread. This gives your support agents easy access to the complete profile and history of the customer helping them offer personalized replies.

Create customer profiles automatically from emails

Get a better understanding of your opportunities with prospects

Your interaction with your prospect or customer about support plays an important role in the assessment of your opportunities with them. With all your support interactions with a customer listed as cases under the profile you are better positioned to make a fair judgement about your prospects.

Get a better understanding of your opportunities with prospects

Adding Capsule Integration to SupportBee

To add the app, click on the 'Add to My SupportBee'. If this is the first app that you are adding, you will have to enter your subdomain and you will be taken to Capsule CRM to allow access to SupportBee. Once SupportBee has access, you can then save the integration and select the following details:

Create a New Person in Capsule if one does not exist

Check this option if you want us to create a new contact in Capsule if we can't find one based on the email address of the customer.

Send ticket content to Capsule

By default we only add a link to the SupportBee ticket. If you want the full content of the ticket to be posted to Capsule, please check this option.

Adding Capsule CRM to SupportBee

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