Insightful Help Desk Reports & Metrics

See the trends with Graphs

See the trends

Curious to see how the average first response time has been trending over the last 30 days? How about the last holiday season? We give you graphs for all the important metrics that you care about and just like the overview, you can easily get graphs for a specific time frame.

Get a Quick Overview

With SupportBee's reports, it is dead simple for you to measure important metrics. Want to quickly know the number of tickets or the average first response time today or last week? We got you covered.

Get a quick overview of important metrics

Drill down into the details

You don't have to stop with the Bird's-eye view. Get granular by generating reports on every agent, team or label for all the above metrics. Manage support resources better with finer details on each department - probably there are more tickets on billing on the first week of the month while tickets on bug reporting are high only on weekends.

Look at the performance of Agents, Teams or Labels

Get creative with the Reports API

Want to show the daily ticket count on a big screen in the office with other important metrics? How about sending alerts whenever the average first response time for an agent/team goes too high? SupportBee offers you an API for reports to pull out all your performance data and get creative with it. As a matter of fact, we are the only help desk to offer an API for reports.

Reports API