Friendly Customer Service is Good Customer Service

Friendly Emails to Customers

Friendly Customer Service - No mumbo jumbo in emails

SupportBee is built to help you do away with impersonal interactions. Even if you have to automate to scale, SupportBee will not become the software wall between you and your customer. We remain invisible. There is no Supportbee branding, no case ids or technical details anywhere that make your conversations impersonal.

Retain the personal touch of email

Your replies to customers are delivered to them as simple emails. No frills. No SupportBee branding. In most other software, your customers may have to learn the rules of replying. With SupportBee, there is none of that. Your customers need not ### Reply above the line### They can even reply inline if required!

Customer History for providing more friendly customer support

"I like supportbee for the fact that it does not push itself on our users. When we respond to user queries using supportbee, our users receive an email response and they reply using any of their favorite email client. To our users, it's an email response. To us, it's a ticket which can be assigned to anyone within the organization."

Wesley Moore from Radiopaedia

Nischal Shetty - Crowdfire

Get the right context to ‘wow’ your customers

Don’t you feel good about the service at your favorite coffee shop where they always remember your preferences? Great customer service is all about understanding the context and knowing customer preferences. We make it easy for you to gain that context - You will be able to easily view past interactions with a customer to provide friendly and relevant email support.

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