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Uptime Report for SupportBee App: Last 30 days

Public Uptime records

We monitor our uptime using Pingdom, an independent third party provider. Pingdom checks our service every minute and automatically records any downtime we have had. Our Pingdom powered status page can be found at Have a look at our 30 day uptime report(updated hourly) above.

We're restructuring our entire client support process with @supportbee. If you're supporting clients, check them out!

Open Universe

Easy data export

We take good care of your data. It is backed up across multiple locations to ensure a reliable fallback mechanism. If you ever decide to move out of SupportBee you can use our simple and well documented API to export all your data out. There is no lock-in of any sort!

Easy data export

World Class Infrastructure

We host SupportBee on very powerful and dedicated servers from Hetzner. Hetzner has some of the biggest, state of the art datacenters in the world. SupportBee is powered by a high availability cluster. We use the best tools to maintain availability and ensure quality of service.

Safe & Secure

Just like banks, financial institutions and other security conscious companies, we serve every page on SupportBee securely over HTTPS. We have automated tests to check for access control that make sure your data is secure at all times. Before deploying new features or changes, we manually and automatically test builds to ensure bugs don’t creep in accidentally.

SupportBee is safe and secure

Extra security with 2FA

Every company has sensitive customer information that cannot be compromised. The two-factor authentication system adds an extra layer to the usual signing in process for better security. Apart from the login and password, users are required to identify themselves through codes generated from the Google Authenticator app, which would be installed in their phones. Even if user passwords are compromised, the hacker has to get hold of users’ mobile device for successful authentication.

Secure your app with Two-factor authentication

Awesome customer support

We are obsessed about delivering good customer service. You can email us at , use the contact form or give us a holler on Twitter (@supportbee). We love talking to our customers!