Easy automation for your email ticketing system

Snippets for Replying Faster

Reply faster using snippets

SupportBee is designed from the ground up to help you do more in lesser time. Compose your responses faster using Snippets. Snippets are ready-made replies that you can mix and match to compose relevant answers in a jiffy. We even help you deliver highly personalized responses inspite of the automation. Use variables like {{FIRST_NAME}}, {{LAST_NAME}} and we will pre-fill them with your customer’s information. Though a common feature, what makes it compelling here is the usability that we have brought in - Drop downs are made manageable with easy searches and insertions can done in a single click.

"Every helpdesk out there is unnecessarily complicated. SupportBee is the only one that is simple to use and has the right balance of features."

Anthony from Graft Concepts

Anthony - Graft Concepts

Filters for automation

You no longer need a dedicated human resource to route support emails to the concerned agent or department. Let SupportBee filters do the job for you. You can set filters to route mails to the concerned department; automatically add labels like ‘urgent’ or ‘important’ to the ones that contain alert phrases that you set’. Depending on your needs, you can automate many such tasks.

The best part is filters are extremely easy to set up and manage!

SupportBee filters lets you automate like never before

Third party app integration

For an efficient process automation your helpdesk solution should be able to interact with your other internal tools. SupportBee offers ready-made integrations for many of the popular tools in project Management, bug tracking, CRM and more.

Check the complete list here.

The ease of building an app on SupportBee platform in unbeatable. We not only offer clear documentation but also let you host the developed app on our platform free of cost. With this setup, it takes just a couple of hours to build an app from scratch and make it live.

SupportBee integrates with all your favourite applications