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Collaborative & Effective

An email ticketing system that helps you deliver better customer support

Multiple email inboxes

Manage everything in one place

Manage emails for all departments, or even various brands within an organization from a shared inbox in SupportBee.

Managing emails with a shared inbox →

Handle tickets with ease

Assign tickets to agents


Assign individual, or multiple, tickets to agents or teams in just a click. Assignees are notified via email.

Email attachments


Attach files up to 20MB in your outgoing emails and receive up to 100MB in incoming emails.

Easily merge multiple tickets

Merge Tickets

Declutter your inbox: merge multiple requests from the same customer into a single email thread.

HTML email rendering

HTML email rendering

View beautifully rendered HTML emails. We take care of it all - Styling, links, inline images and more!

Forward cc and bcc tickets

Forwarding, Cc & Bcc

Need to send your support tickets to someone outside the system? Use Forward, Cc or Bcc in your conversations.

Create new tickets for customers

Create Tickets

Create tickets on behalf of customers right from the ticket interface, and let the customer know, at the same time.

Filters for automation


Use filters to automate your workflows.

Labels for categorization


Organize tickets with labels. View a list of all tickets in each category by clicking on individual labels.

Snippets for replying faster


Use snippets to quickly answer commonly asked questions.

Customer history

Customer history

Provide familiar and relevant email support by easily viewing past interactions with a customer.

Rich email signatures

Images in signatures

Signatures add a personal touch to your support replies. Add your logo or make it more fun with images.

Replies with inline images

Inline images in replies

Add relevant images and screenshots to your replies with our inline images feature.

Rich text editor

Rich text editor

Use a rich text editor to format your messages in replies and new tickets for better clarity.

Save time and effort

Auto refreshing ticket listings

Auto Refreshing Lists

SupportBee listings auto-refresh in real time. You don’t have to manually refresh pages for new tickets.

Easy keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

20+ Gmail compatible keyboard shortcuts that help you chow down on your ticket list like a pro.
See all keyboard shortcuts →

Collaborate effortlessly across teams

Using Teams to manage multiple projects or clients →
Divide agents in teams


Bring structure to your support process with teams. Teams reflect the real world idea of teams and departments in organizations.

Private teams

Private Teams

Control the visibility of support tickets to specific groups of agents by using privacy options in Teams.

Collaborators to restrict access


Easily bring everyone in your business closer to your customers. Collaborators can view tickets, and leave comments but cannot reply to customers.

Leave private notes with comments


Exchange private notes with your team for a discussion about support issues. Comments are available in the reply thread for easy access.

Mention colleagues in comments

@mention colleagues

Easily involve others in conversations by tagging them in comments.

Know who else is replying

Avoid replying twice

Be notified when another agent is viewing the same support ticket, and avoid sending two different replies to the same query.

KBee logo

Knowledge Base Software

Our integrated knowledge base software empowers your customers to help themselves, thus reducing your support overheads.
Knowledge Base Software →

SupportBee Knowledge Base
SupportBee Customer Portal Software

Customer Portal Software

SupportBee’s customer portal software provides a dedicated space for your customers to manage and track the progress of their support requests. This transparency and accountability can provide your customers with the much needed assurance that their requests are not lost in the corporate blackhole. Customer Portal Software →

SupportBee App Integrations

Integrate seamlessly with 3rd party apps

Improve your workflow with SupportBee’s 40+ third-party integrations, including project management software, bug trackers, CRMs, and more. See all SupportBee integrations →

Get actionable insights

Whether you want to see trends, get a quick overview of important metrics, or drill down into the details, SupportBee’s Reporting feature offers it all. Reports for email ticketing →

SupportBee Mobile

Manage your helpdesk on the move

SupportBee can be easily accessed and used from your mobile and tablet browser to handle support on the go.

Refine your support process with customer feedback

Send automated surveys to customers after resolving their issues, collecting their ratings and comments. Customer satisfaction ratings →

Customer satisfaction ratings
Contact support widget

Make it easy for customers to contact you

Collect customer requests from your website using our simple contact form. Easy to setup and modify. Works on all devices.

Simple Contact Form →

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