Simple email ticketing for managing customer support

Manage bugs and queries from an email like interface

Unanswered, Answered & Star

Simple and effective ticket states

Ticket states help in tracking the progress on a ticket which is on its way to resolution. We have a unique paradigm where we do not impose pre-made ticket states on you. We only differentiate between ‘Answered’ and ‘Unanswered’ tickets. Once replied, a ticket is automatically moved to the ‘Answered’ section in the screen. With a combination of labels and features like Archive and Star, some of our customers track their progress on thousands of tickets a day with incredible ease.

Auto-refreshing lists

SupportBee is snappy - Everything on the screen updates in realtime. You no longer have to refresh your screen to see new tickets. You can see your ticket list shrinking as your team members work through them. Even updates like label additions by team members can be viewed instantly by everybody. Welcome to the snappy SupportBee experience!

Autorefresh lists

"The price jump between 3 and 4 agents in Zendesk is around $1000 a year and that wasn’t something that I was willing to spend. SupportBee works out very well for us because of the pricing based on volume."

Matt Coneybeare from UrbanApps

Matt Coneybeare, UrbanApps

HTML Email rendering

SupportBee renders HTML emails beautifully. If you deal with HTML emails, the good news is that your agents need not fight garbled text in emails anymore. We take care of it all - Styling, links, inline images and more!

HTML email rendering

Labels for easy categorization

When ticket volumes are high it is necessary to categorize them for better handling and understanding. SupportBee offers an easy drag and drop facility for labels that enables quick creation of tickets lists. In SupportBee, you can add multiple labels to a single ticket; create labels with special characters; and even create labels in the language of your choice. The brightly colored custom labels add to the overall prettiness of the listings.

Labels for easy categorization

Forwarding and CC for tickets

It may be necessary to occasionally involve members who are not registered as agents in SupportBee in your support threads. With the email like paradigm in SupportBee, all you have to do is Forward or CC replies as you see fit.

CC and BCC for tickets

Agent Signatures

Signatures render the much needed personal touch to your support replies. We make it easy for your agents to standardize their signatures and add it automatically to every reply. Much like Gmail, signatures are appended to replies below the quoted text in the mail.

Agent signatures

Gmail compatible keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts help you navigate SupportBee like a Pro. If you are handling hundreds of tickets everyday you need that magic in your fingertips. Our shortcuts are Gmail compatible so if you are already using keyboard shortcuts in Gmail, you will feel right at home with SupportBee.

Gmail compatible keyboard shortcuts