Designed for collaboration

Notifications when someone else is viewing the Tickets

Built for participation and collaboration

Collaboration is an integral part of delivering great customer service. A support tool plays a huge role in aiding it. If it is not designed for collaboration, conversations between teams and members end up happening outside the tool which defeats the purpose of having a tool in the first place.

In SupportBee, you can collaborate on the fly. With everything on the screen updating in real-time, you will see if somebody else is working on the same ticket as you are. You will see labels being added and tickets being replied to as your team members work on them.

Welcome to a truly collaborative support software!

SupportBee's pricing is designed to get everyone involved

Customer feedback is crucial in product innovation. Engineers and designers contribute better when they have direct interaction with customers who use the products they built. While support agents handle bulk of the emails, it is important to also involve the rest of the organization in support. Our pricing let's you easily get everyone involved. Add all the important people relevant to support, without really worrying about costs.

Assign Tickets

Comments for private discussions

When support agents require information from team members or feel the need to involve somebody else in a support thread, they can use comments. Comments offer a non-intrusive way to involve other members in an email thread. They are private (customers can’t see them) but they are arranged chronologically with replies in the thread.

You can even address comments to specific members. For example, if you want to involve your developers, you can tag them in a comment and an email notification will be sent to them with the comment. They can take care of it by simply replying to the notification email from SupportBee. They don’t even have to login!

Feature Enhancements

Audit trail

Add Audit trail to keep a track of who did what.

Comments help your collaborate with your team

Teams & Private Tickets

Some organizations let individual departments handle their own support instead of having a centralized customer support team handling all support requests. Such a workflow can be implemented by creating teams for each of the departments (like Sales, Billing) and adding members relevant to those teams.

If you want to control the visibility of some tickets, you can mark them private. Teams can also be marked private and all tickets assigned to a private team will be visible only to members of that team or to admins.

Separate ticket teams for different departments

Quick overview with labels

Labels can be used effectively to give you a general overview of tickets across categories. Using a combination of filters (agent name, ticket states, time period) you can get a realtime view of your desk. Like everything else in SupportBee filtered ticket lists update automatically in realtime even as your agents work through them.

Get a quick overview with labels