Offer a world-class Client Portal to your customers

SupportBee’s customer portal software lets you offer your clients the ability to track and send tickets using a web interface.

Customer Portal Software by SupportBee

What is a client portal and why do I need one?

Enterprise clients need better visibility and transparency in the customer support process

SupportBee’s customer portal software provides a dedicated space for your customers to manage and track the progress of their support requests. This transparency and accountability can provide your customers with the much-needed assurance that their requests are not lost in the corporate black hole.

Benefits offered by our client portal software

A frictionless experience for your customers and your team

Your customers have a magic login link emailed to them

Easy Access - Your clients don’t need to remember a login

Your customers need not remember another email address/ password combination to be able to access the information on their support requests. The customer portal can be accessed from a private link that will be shared in the replies to their support requests, or sent to their email address if they visited the public portal link.

A bird’s eye view of all their support tickets

The online customer portal offers all the information on support requests that a customer typically needs. Customers have the ability to access past queries and their answers which gives them the opportunity to use the client portal as a knowledge resource, thus avoiding asking the same questions again.

Your clients have access to all their tickets in the customer portal
Your customers can send you new support tickets or reply to existing ones

Ability to send new tickets and reply to existing tickets

Your clients can also create new requests/ tickets on the customer portal. You have the option to pre fill most of the details thus making it easy for your clients to get in touch with you.

Brand your customer portal

Your customer portal is truly your own

Design options for your client portal

You have the option to brand the portal with your logo and colors. This simple customization option helps you deliver a consistent experience for your customers across your website and portal. You can also use a custom domain to make your client portal truly your own.

Your domain name

You can also use a custom domain to make your client portal truly your own.

HTTPS for privacy and security

The customer portal is accessible over https to offer your customers complete privacy and security of your data. We are also GDPR compliant.