Switch Ticket States in App and Other Updates!

As we say goodbye to 2015, we decided to sneak a few things in at the last minute. As we head into 2016, we hope that the changes we've got on the table today will be exciting for all of our users. Josue has been hard at work with these two new features, and we're happy to introduce them before we jump into the big plans for the new year!

New Options for Ticket States

For a while now we've had an app to allow users to mark tickets as answered regardless of their default state. However, we were missing the option to go the other way, and mark a ticket as unanswered. With this update to our software, you can now mark tickets as answered or unanswered manually. Normally the system will automatically set a ticket to the correct state based on the most recent reply, so answered if the last reply was by an agent, and unanswered if the last reply was from a customer. The limitation to this way of handling tickets is that sometimes ticket states don't match the last reply. For example, if a ticket answer was simply to inform the customer that you will get back with them soon, then you might want the ticket to stay in the unanswered queue to ensure your agents get back to it. Or if a customer replies to a ticket by saying 'Thanks!' you might not want it to be marked as unanswered because there is no further action necessary. Now, your tickets can be marked answered or unanswered manually. Simply click the drop-down arrow next to the ticket state, and select the desired state.

Hopefully you'll find the additional options for your ticket states useful. Now, moving on to the next feature:

Enable/Disable Keyboard shortcuts

Our interface has always included keyboard shortcuts for a long time, but we've been missing a few key elements to that feature. There were two main problems: first, there were no obvious instructions to the shortcuts. Unless you happened to read the help docs for the shortcuts, you wouldn't know how to use them. We did have an overlay that was triggered by pressing '?' but that just isn't that intuitive. Now we have a link to that overlay that can be easily accessed by clicking 'Help', and then selecting 'View Keyboard Shortcuts'. This will bring up the keyboard shortcuts overlay, meaning that anyone wanting to use them will have easy access to instructions.

The second problem was that there was no option to turn the shortcuts off, for those that wanted to avoid accidentally triggering a shortcut or simply didn't want to use them. Part of our changes to the keyboard shortcuts feature is the option to toggle them off and on. To make the change, simply click your name at the top right of the screen. Here you'll see a new option to toggle the keyboard shortcuts on and off.

You'll also notice that the button formerly known as "Account" has been moved to the far right and now reflects the name of the logged in agent. We've also added the option to search all help topics directly from the ticket interface by clicking the 'Help' menu and entering your information in the search field. This change will make it easier to find necessary information and answers to questions quickly.

Changing Customer Information on a Ticket

Last, but certainly not least, we've added some great useability to to changing customer information on a ticket. There are times when the customer name and email address on a ticket needs to be changed. For example, if you forward a customer email from a personal account without the 'Fwd:' tag, the system would use the forwarding agent's name as the ticket owner. We had the ability to change this previously, but it wasn't immediately apparent, and didn't reflect the name change immediately. With this update, it will be a little more obvious when you hover over the name and email address of the customer that you can change them, and the changes will be reflected immediately. What's more, if your email address has a Gravatar or profile picture attached, we'll immediately reflect the update to the profile picture, as well!

We're very excited about these changes, and we hope our users will find these features very helpful in improving the quality and ease of use for our product. So let us know what you think in the comments, or on Twitter. Stay tuned for more exciting information in the new year, we've got a lot of great new features and changes upcoming.

Jonathon Lumpkin

Jonathon Lumpkin