The Priority Support Bullshit

At SupportBee, we are big fans of paying for services we use. Apart from open source, we don't use any free hosted software. We just don't believe in the sustainability of the free model. Apart from paying for the usual stuff like hosting and domains, we also pay for DNS hosting. So far we had been using DynDNS but only for our other product Muziboo. After the Godaddy boycott, I decided to move SupportBee from Godaddy to DynDNS. However the move did not go exactly as planned and we had some hiccups. I wrote to DynDNS and go this as part of the auto-response

We attempt to respond to all emails within 24 hours of receiving them.

If your request is of an urgent nature, you can get a guaranteed 1 hour response time with our Premier Support service:

Not charging for your product is bad but not charging enough is even worse. If you are charging someone you have to make sure you can support them well and still make a profit. If you can't do that you have to be very explicit when someone is paying for the service. I don't remember seeing any warning about slow support on this plan when I signed up. The priority support bullshit is just bad planning and it is really bad for your brand. If you are running a service you should plan well and make sure that every paying customer (in fact every customer) is served equally well. Deliver less features on a cheaper plan but make sure they are well supported. Tiered pricing is great for features/usage quotas but not for customer support.

I have now decided to stay away from any service which offers 'Paid Priority Support'. I have moved almost everything from DynDNS to DNSimple. They have great support and surprisingly, they are order of magnitude cheaper. More often than not priority support is just an indication that the company doesn't have it's own priorities right.

Hana Mohan

Hana Mohan