The 'Gowalla Situation'

Yesterday, I posted on Hacker News asking for feedback on our new marketing site. We got great feedback on our copy, video and other things. If you are working on a marketing site, you should certainly check out that thread. We also had a bunch of beta signups and one of them sent us this question

Can I confirm
1. You will be working in this for a long time?
2. What your pricing might be like.
I am trying to avoid the gowalla situation here.

A whole bunch of people on HN and elsewhere asked us the second question. It is the first question that got me thinking. It is a very serious question. Moving to a new service (especially something like a customer support tool) is a big time investment and you don't want to be abandoned by the founders few months into the whole thing. However, with the number of acquhires (founders joining Facebook and shutting down the product) happening these days, have people lost trust in trying out new startups? Have we taken 'Fail Fast' and 'Pivoting' to extreme and lost the trust of the community?

More than anything, I am posting this in the hope of having a discussion on this topic. Have you felt the same hesitation before signing up for a new service? Have people voiced the same concerns before signing up for your new service? I know that Balsamiq is a great example of a company that has gone the extra mile to ensure that their customers know that they are in this game for the long haul. How have other startups/founders dealt with this issue?

You can also follow the discussion on Hacker News

Hana Mohan

Hana Mohan