Thank you for a great 2015!

As 2015 comes to an end, I would like to thank you for using and supporting our work at SupportBee. We had an exciting year and here are some of the highlights in case you missed them

New Team Members

This year we made our first full-time customer support and community hire in Jonathon. Since coming onboard in September, he has vastly improved our first response times and quality of our customer support. Apart from that he has improved our documentation and pushed our entire team be more customer centric. He has great plans for 2016 that involve working on new getting started guides, customer spotlights and other useful content.

Last month, we welcomed Josue to our tech team and he is working on improving our frontend. Apart from shipping some new features, he has helped us improve our frontend stack so we can ship faster in 2016. As you might have noticed, all of us are in different countries! Earlier this year we switched to being a distributed team and it's been one of the best decisions we made this year. It has enabled us to hire talented people all over the world who enjoy living where they do and want to work on challenging problems. If you would like to join our team, checkout our careers page on Angellist.

New Features & Improvements to The User Experience

A few months back we turned three and as I noted, we have learnt a lot about our business since our launch. Based on that learning, this year we launched an improved text editing experience, including the ability to drag and drop images into replies and signatures. We also pushed out improvements to our mobile site, reports and email setup, including the ability to automatically email customers after archiving a ticket. We'll continue to improve existing features in 2016 and also push out an updated design. We'll also plan to launch several new features, first of them being the ability to send tickets to a group and then assign them to an agent in the group. It's a much requested feature and we can't wait to ship it to you!

Improvements to Service Quality

We spent quite a bit of time in 2015 improving our quality of service and reliability. We did have a few outages but we learnt from them and improved our infrastructure. We migrated to a much faster database server and rolled out code to monitor email floods (unfortunately inevitable in our business) and protect our customers from them. We also rolled out an internal dashboard to monitor email importing delays. Right now our average email importing time is around 2.5 seconds (from the time it hits our servers) which is quite excellent!

Email Importing Lag

There are always more things to work on than we can at any given time but I am very happy with how this year has turned out. Expect great things from our team in 2016 - better software and a better ecosystem.

From everyone at SupportBee, here is wishing you a happy 2016!


Hana Mohan

Hana Mohan