Start up moments: Our first paying customer

There are a lot of defining events in our start-up lives: The casual walk when we conceived the idea; the first line of code; the day of the finished prototype; the first customer; and then the most defining of them all - the first paying customer. It is the paying customer phase for us at SupportBee and we are loving it! We have always believed in building a sustainable and profitable business and this is the first step towards the goal.

SupportBee was entirely free in the beta phase. And, it will always be free for upto 100 tickets a month. As we are gearing towards the public launch, we added the billing module in SupportBee to charge customers with usage above the basic plan. Within a few hours of sending out the mail, we got our first payment from our beta customer Drills and Cutters with the following note from its founder Jeremy.

Thanks, the software has made us much more productive.

It couldn t have been better for us!

We thank all our Beta customers who have helped us shape the product. We are launching to public very soon! Also, we are offering a 50% lifetime discount on the current plans for customers that make payments before the 31st of May. Use the discount code BETA to avail it. You can enter your billing details by clicking the Billing option in the Admin panel after logging in.

Contact us at for any clarification.

Nithya Rajaram

Nithya Rajaram