New Safeguards to Service Quality

We strive to maintain very high standards for timely delivery of emails, and minimal lag in importing them for our customers. The great thing about email is that it is so distributed; you can send from nearly any system to nearly any other system. This does however depend on everyone sticking to some standards and healthy sending rates, so as to not overwhelm the other servers. Inevitably, every now and then a server has some technical issue and starts sending out thousands of emails every hour. This happens to some of our customers from time to time. In this case, our priority is to ensure that the effect on others customers is minimal, and that their emails are imported without any delay. To help accomplish this, we’ve put some new safeguards in place to help prevent issues like this from occurring.

When we receive indication of a sudden influx of emails a specific address exceeding 100 tickets/hour, we’ll begin to slow the importing for that address to 1 ticket every 30 seconds. We will continue to import emails, but for that address we will be slowing the process. This will allow us to continue service to that address without impacting our other customers. We’ll send out a notification of the issue to the address being slowed, informing them exactly how they are being affected, and letting them know there might be a problem with their server or address that should be investigated. As soon as the issue is addressed, we’ll remove the restrictions and resume importing at normal speeds. The goal here is to make sure that the only address affected is the one having the issue, so none of our other customers will be affected or experience service disruptions. As we roll out this safeguard, we’ll be closely monitoring it to make sure that everything runs smoothly and as intended.

Billing Changes

To go along with the rollout of this feature to protect service quality, we’ll also be introducing a couple of minor changes to how our system handles certain tickets at the account level. Our goal again is to ensure that all of our customers can use the system as intended without negatively impacting anyone else, and we hope that these changes will affect as few of our customers as possible.

Marking Tickets as Trash/Spam

Currently, marking a ticket as trash or spam does not count the ticket against your monthly limit. This was designed assuming that there would be a minimal amount of spam and trash tickets for a given account within the month. Going forward, there will be a limit to how many tickets can be trashed/marked as spam each month that is equal to your total ticket limits. For example, if your current ticket limit is 2000/month, then you will be able to trash 2000 tickets per month. One great workaround for this is to use the filters in your email prior to SupportBee importing them. For information on how to do this, see Forwarding Your Support Emails.

Marking Tickets as Trash/Spam after Agent Reply

When a ticket arrives, trashing or marking the ticket at spam will count against your ticket limit if there is an agent reply on the ticket. You will still be able to mark the tickets as trash/spam, but the ticket will still count against the limit. This is primarily to prevent abuse of the system that can result in negative impact for other customers, and we anticipate very few if any of our customers will be affected by this change.

For more information on this topic, see Handling Trash and Spam Tickets. We hope that these changes will result in a greater ability to meet our high standards for delivery and timely service for all our customers! If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at, or on Twitter!

Jonathon Lumpkin

Jonathon Lumpkin