Apps, Other New Features and Upcoming Changes to Comments!

Hope you are doing great and getting ready for the holiday season. We have some very interesting updates this time!


We have always believed that good customer support is all about having the right information about the customers. Often times, this information is spread across several tools that you use in your company. Your CRM, payment provider and your own database are some common examples. More often than not, you also want to push information from your customer support software to other tools. For example, your chat client, invoicing application etc.

With our recent release, we have made it super easy for you to do these things. Say Hello to Apps! Apps let you customize your workflow or integrate with other tools in your company. All of this at no extra cost.

You can add apps from the App Directory to your SupportBee accounts. We already have Campfire, Github Issues, Pivotal Tracker and some other interesting apps and the list is growing by the day. Please try out the apps and give us feedback.

Hosted App Platform

However the best part is that any developer can write a new app on our hosted app platform. It takes less than 2 hours to write an app and have it running on SupportBee. If you don't feel like writing one but need a specific app, contact us and we may be able to write one for you (gratis ofcourse!) :)

Create tickets by forwarding emails

Do your customers often email you instead of emailing support? You can now forward those emails to SupportBee and we will create tickets on behalf of your customers.

Upcoming changes to Comments

Over the last few months we have gotten a lot of feedback from many of you on the way SupportBee renders comments and replies in separate tabs. We heard over and over that having comments in separate tabs is coming in the way of using comments effectively. Starting next week, we will be showing comments inline with the replies. They will be styled differently so you can quickly know what you are looking at. We think it will make SupportBee a lot more useful but we just wanted to give everyone a heads up before switching the layout.

Hana Mohan

Hana Mohan