SupportBee Simplifies Customer Support for Small Teams. Gets rid of Ticket States

Startup Chile alumnus SupportBee is bringing a fresh, new approach to customer support enabling anyone in the company to turn a trouble ticket into a customer success. Built for small collaborative teams that trust each other, SupportBee has gotten rid of complicated ticket states, audit trails and many other unnecessary complexities that come between a company and its customers. The end result is a web app that is extremely easy to use, thereby ensuring that everyone on a team can access SupportBee to help customers or learn more about product issues and feature requests. SupportBee has also turned the traditional pricing model of customer support on its head. Pricing is no longer based on seat, but is instead based on the volume of tickets a company receives.

For startups and SMEs, customer support can be a competitive advantage over the less agile companies. Having people outside of the customer service team handle support is a trend for today’s companies. For example, according to Etsy’s CEO Chad Dickerson, “One of every seven customer support emails at Etsy is handled by someone outside support team”.

“Innovative companies shouldn’t be limited by the artificial constraints placed on them by other support software. Collaborative teams that practice customer development will see immediate value in SupportBee,” says SupportBee’s CEO Prateek Dayal.

For companies looking for more functionalities or wanting to customize their workflow, SupportBee offers a robust API and supports webhooks.

SupportBee had been in beta since they graduated from Startup Chile in July. During the beta, SupportBee added paying customers in 8 countries and processed over a hundred thousand tickets for its customers.

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Hana Mohan

Hana Mohan