Pivotal Tracker App now supports Multiple Projects

We’ve got some great news for you if you’re a Pivotal Tracker user. In a recent update we added ‘multiple project’ support to our Pivotal app. Now you can send tickets as stories to any of your projects in Pivotal. This is a significant leap from the earlier version where support tickets could only be sent to a pre-set Pivotal project.

We have made the integration quite seamless and dynamic. All you have to do is click on ‘Send to pivotal’ from the Apps listing and a screen will show a list of all your projects in Pivotal. You can choose the project to which your ticket has to be sent.


You also have the ability to select the Pivotal story owner right from SupportBee. Once you select a project, we automatically populate the project membership details in the Story owner dropdown with associated project members. You can also choose whether this ticket is a feature, bug, chore or a release from the Story Type dropdown before you hit ‘Send’.

If you are already using our Pivotal app, there is no extra work required from your end to use the new version. It should automatically work. If by any chance you encounter trouble, you can visit Admin > Apps to check your API token and click ‘Save Settings’.

We would love to hear from you on this update!

We are constantly working to improve the app experience. The next in our list is to add multiple project support for Jira OnDemand. If you have app requests or app enhancement requests, please feel free to add them as comments in this post. We are glad to prioritize based on your needs.

Pranav Singh

Pranav Singh